Today’s Mani – featuring Nails Inc


I usually wear very bright or deeply coloured nail polish but find it be can very messy to remove. Plus if I decide on pink accessories one day but I’m wearing blue polish, and don’t have the time to redo my polish, it can look rather mismatched which is rather annoying to someone who is a bit OCD about co’ordination like myself.
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Getting Naked with Naked Bodycare

This post isn’t about ditching my clothes (sorry to disappoint). I don’t think anyone should be subjected to that, at least not until I’ve shed a stone perhaps… No, It’s about the shower gel I’m currently using which is from Naked Bodycare.


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Breakouts and Rediscovering an Old Favourite


Once upon a time I used Decleor Ylang-Ylang Aromessence Oil (now called Super Serum) and Ylang-Ylang Night Balm religiously;  its scent is divine and it did wonders for balancing my spot prone complexion and controlling my oily skin. Admittedly though I have a tendency to chop and change skincare; regularly being tempted by new launches or brands offering Gift With Purchases, so when I my skin improved I stopped using the Ylang-Ylang range. The last few weeks however I’ve been suffering from breakouts again. I’m not sure why other than perhaps the warmer weather, but it’s very annoying and not at all what I expect in my thirties!

I’m quite wary about a lot of popular anti-spot ranges out there as I find the formulas can often feel very astringent, as if they’re stripping the skin. I can see why people may like them as they do leave your skin feeling very clean and free from oil and, as someone with an oiler skin, I really appreciate how a greasy face can make you feel grubby and self conscious. But I also know that a degree of oil is good for the skin, acting as a natural moisturiser, and it has been said that oilier skins age better. In addition I believe that if you strip your skin of its natural oils then the sebaceous glands’ knee-jerk reaction is to compensate by producing more oil, creating a vicious cycle. Consequently I reached once again for my Decleor and it’s effective, yet gentle Ylang-Ylang range. Straight away I was reminded why I loved the products.

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Mio Skincare and My Aim For a Fitter, Healthier Year

The makers of Mama Mio, a range of skin- and bodycare for mum and baby, recently launched a “High intensity” bodycare range targeting problem areas and working alongside a healthy lifestyle to really bring results.  With fresh zingy scents the intention is to kickstart your day and motivate you, whilst moisturising and caring for your skin, and finally helping you to unwind after a long day. Invigorating shower gels, firming creams, muscle-soothing balms; all complement one another with one goal of giving you “skin fit for life”.

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Maybelline Baby Lips


My Japanese friend often sends me cute gifts and recently sent me a small parcel of goodies. Amongst them I was very happy to find three Maybelline Baby Lips balms; a range I’d seen quite a bit of recently on the UK high street. My current favourite lip balm is from Burt’s Bees and it lives in my handbag, but I find you can never have too many lip balms, especially if you’re prone to misplacing them as often as I do, so these were a very welcome addition to my stash!

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Latest In Beauty Box

I discovered Latest In Beauty last November when they launched their Glamour Beauty Edit. My friend had posted the box on her Facebook page and I knew I needed it in my life! It had some fantastic products inside and the value was amazing – for £14.95 you got around £60 worth of products, all of which were great handbag staples. (You can buy the latest Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest In Beauty here. It’s a good one!)

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