Love Me Beauty – April


I have until now raved about Love Me Beauty subscription boxes as being the best of the bunch. You can see the boxes before you commit, choose from 3 menus, and they contain 4-5 products of which usually 3 are full sized. The price of £12.95 is also comparable to other beauty boxes on the market.

Alas when Love Me Beauty released the April box (see below picture) I wasn’t blown away. They only contained 4 products as opposed to the 5 I’d previously got and two of those were hair products.


The boxes were still very good value and again 3 items were full sizes but I find hair products somewhat boring; as someone with a very short crop I don’t have thick, long, glossy locks to maintain. I wash, dry and stick a bit of wax through my hair and am good to go. The other items in April’s boxes were a multi purpose Oil from Betty Hula and a Model’s Own nail product. That was another thing, and obviously not Love Me Beauty’s fault, but I own tonnes of polishes and have a preference to Nails Inc and Ciate. Basically I need a nail product, especially one I could pick up in Boots quite cheaply, like I need a hole in the head!

Since April’s boxes were dispatched however I have seen really positive reviews about them so maybe it’s just me that can’t particularly rave about hair products. Did anyone else think that this month’s box was a little dull?

Fortunately it is easy to skip a month with Love Me Beauty subscriptions, either on your account or by emailing customer services, so I’ve not lost anything other than my monthly beauty fix. I just hope that May’s box contains some lush skincare and makeup and the unusual brands I know Love Me Beauty are capable of bringing to us!

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