Easter Splurge!

I love nail polish and always mean to start doing more nail art with my polishes instead of just wearing block colours or glitter top coats as I do currently. So when one of my favourite brands Ciate (I love their innovative kits) announced their Easter Sale including a massive £35 saving on their Nail Lab I just had to head over to the site and buy one!

Whilst I was there I noticed that they had an offer on some of their other nail kits and if you chose 3 you’d pay only £15 in total. Given that the RRP on the kits is around £18-20 each, again this was a huge saving and one I couldn’t pass up. I chose one of their Kaleidoscope Foils kit and two of their Neon kits as I thought they’d be perfect for summer. Free p&p plus their loyalty (bow) scheme sealed the deal!

I’m looking forward to adding to the Ciate kits I already have (picture below) and I will of course do a review when they arrive and I’ve had chance to put then through their paces.


I love having lots of polish colours and effects to chose from as I don’t go out and get professional manicures. Also with all the gardening I do and housework (toddlers = lots of housework) even the most bullet-proof of polishes don’t seem to last all that long on me before chipping slightly, so I probably change my polish every few days. What brands are your go-to when it comes to polish?

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