Pound Shop Finds


I love a good pound shop bargain and I regularly go in the 3 stores we have in our town to see if they have any decent stuff. Usually, other than a few groceries, I leave without anything particularly worthy of mentioning but last week they had some Nail Rock Nail Caviar kits in Poundworld.

Nail Rock isn’t a brand I’ve used before but I’ve heard of them through Birchbox, who’ve included their products in previous boxes, and knew they retailed at around £6.99 so I thought at a pound each it would be rude not too! I grabbed the 5 different kits they had and hot-footed it to the tills.

I’ve not got round to trying the kits yet – the caviar bits look fiddly so it’s not something I want to attempt with my daughter around otherwise I imagine I’ll be picking up tiny beads for days – but I’ll definitely give them a go soon and report back.

Are you a Nail Rock fan? If so you may want to check out your local Poundworld!

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