Adios to the Winter Blues


I love April – it seems to mark a real turning point for me at least. Longer days and warmer temperatures finally make me feel more human.

One of my huge passions is gardening.  I don’t propagate much or grow even half of the things I should by seed and I’m rubbish at remembering Latin names, but I love my garden nonetheless! And I think that’s part of the reason I dislike Winter so much as gardening wise nothing much happens. As a gardener I should love the change in seasons and I do… to an extent! But looking out on naked trees and bare soil depresses me. Too cold or wet to do much I long for the new shoots of Spring.


To me March is a dress rehearsal, we’re getting there but there are too many false starts – a glorious day where you’re gardening in a t-shirt is followed by a freezing cold one that nips any tender growth and stops new shoots in their tracks – but mid April is more reliable. The daffodils may just have gone over, but the Tulips are still blooming, the Peony buds are swelling rapidly and in a few more days the Lilac will be out. We’ve also managed our first few lunches al fresco! In summer we use the garden as an extension to the house; it becomes a dining room, a space to entertain friends or just to relax. Whilst I can understand people not really enjoying gardening, I simply cannot fathom out how people let their gardens go to seed and not make the most of the space they have in some way (I don’t include in that statement those who use their garden as dumping ground for old mattresses, worn out sofas, a broken fridge and a couple of car tyres). A garden to me should be seen as an asset.

I never realised how much my mood was effected by the seasons and how much I dislike Winter.  I know there are people who claim to prefer Winter, with crisp frosty walks and cosy nights in by the fire. But that to me is the romanticised view. If winters were like that they would be bareable but most of the time (especially recently it seems) winters are wet rather than frosty and you’re not curled up snug and warm but battling with the elements to get to work! In the darker months I struggle to get up before 8am and probably need 10 hours sleep to fully function (the term “bear with a sore head” is appropriate) but come the summer months I’m up at about 6.30am dreaming and scheming about the day ahead. Do you get the Winter Blues, and if so how do you combat them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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