Ciate Delivery

I took delivery today of the bargains I bought over the weekend at Ciate‘s Easter Sale and which I blogged about a few days ago. I was really impressed with the speed at which they were dispatched and delivered!

The items were well packed and came in sturdy cardboard boxes with the cutest of slogans, warning me that the contents of the box could cause complete and utter fabulousness – I do hope so!


First up were my Corrupted Neon Manicure sets. I got two of those – Foam Party (blue) and Shout Out (pink) – and I instantly loved the packaging with a 3D image that altered depending on the angle you held it. It was nice that they’d spent the effort to design interesting packaging.

Secondly I unpacked my Colourfoil Manicure kit in Kaleidoscopic Klash.  Again the packaging was colourful and represented the contents pretty well.

These kits (and some others) were on sale at £15 for any three, so represented a huge saving on the RRP of around £20 each!



Last but not least I unpacked Ciate’s Nail Lab. An exciting collection of colours, glitters, suspensions, bottles and tools that enable you to make your own custom polishes and designs, all packed into a lovely chest. It didn’t disappoint with it’s gold exterior and drawers choc full of polishes and glitters. Although at this point I have to admit, as someone who hasn’t really done much nail art, some of the tools looked a little scary.  Rest assured however in the top are two little books full of instructions and inspiration.




The only negative to the Nail Lab I can see on first inspection is that the drawers don’t slide out very easily, but hopefully this will become easier as they bed in over time.

The Nail Lab was £30, reduced from £65, which is a ridiculous bargain!

I’m very pleased with my purchases although I haven’t yet been able to play about with the polishes yet. FedEx didn’t deliver them until 5.30pm and then I had to cook tea, bath and get my little one to bed, and dash out of the house to band rehearsal. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll get the opportunity to pamper myself (if I can decide which polish to use first)!

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