Graze – ing

In an effort to snack more healthily I decided to sign up with Graze; a nifty little subscription – based company that sends fortnightly, weekly or twice weekly snack boxes to their customers.


Yes it’s probably a little lazy. Yes I could buy healthy snacks from the high street but if I’m totally honest know I wouldn’t bother if they weren’t being posted out to me, instead I’d still be grabbing 3 for £1 chocolate bars from the Poundshop.  Or I’d go to a high street health food store where I’d buy the usual chocolate peanuts or yogurt coated raisins and get bored of them within a week!

Every two weeks and for £3.89 I get a little box of 4 individually packaged snacks delivered straight through my letterbox, and they are absolutely delicious! I won’t fib, every so often I get something I wouldn’t really eat again, but that’s another bonus of Graze – when you sign up simply tell them you dislike something and they won’t send it to you. On the fence about a snack? Again, tell them you only want to try it. On the other hand absolutely love a snack and you can ask them to send it again soon! You are also invited to “rate your box” after each delivery giving you another opportunity to let Graze know your preferences.



Every fortnight I get a good mix of sweet and savory snacks. If you sign up expect fruit and nuts, but also breadsticks, tortilla chips,  flapjack, popcorn… even tea and cake!

Like what you see? Then head to the website where you can sign up. It’s a cancel anytime subscription and as a bonus, if you use my Friend Code 43NYXHQ2B when signing up, your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes are free!


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