Ginvera BB Cream

Ginvera are a brand probably best known for their much raved about Green Tea Marvel Gel, an exfoliating gel famous in Asia which claims to melt away blackheads and clear blocked pores for a brighter complexion. The brand featured in You Beauty Discovery a few months ago, which is where I first came across their products and I must say I was impressed.


After trying and really liking the results of the Marvel Gel I decided to get their BB Cream, first purchasing a 8ml sample size to see how I got on. The full size retails at £18 for 40 ml. The cream claims to be suitable for all skin tones and to provide a nude cover and it suited me well. Unlike other BB and CC creams that claim to be light but instead are quite orange and take some blending, once applied this matched my skin tone perfectly (although I’m not sure if that is a fluke and how suited it would be to someone with a medium or dark skin).


I thought it looked a little beige straight from the tube (see swatch) and to be honest I was like “Woah, that’s nothing like my skin tone!” but once rubbed in as shown in the second photo I felt it blended well and really evened out my skin. As you can see from my hand it’s not heavy and didn’t cover my mole in the photo, but you can build the coverage up or use a concealer in some areas depending on your needs. It also gives a slight luminosity.


The coverage is fine for me as I don’t like a heavy foundation and will instead use this going forward as I like the more natural look it gives. I just use a blusher then powder to set it.

I love the high SPF 30 and the fact that you only need a small amount. I also really like the slight luminosity it lends to the skin although I can imagine that some people who prefer a matte finish could be slightly put off by that fact. The only other con for some may be the scent. It does have a fragrance (second to last ingredient) which, although not horrible, is quite noticeable and it may not suit people with very sensitive skin which is a shame. 

The Green Tea range from Ginvera also features a day and night cream, cleanser, whitening and oil control cream, spot corrector, dark-circle eye treatment and a refining fluid, all of which can be purchased through their European distributor Janiro Ltd here, although I’m yet to try these. Have you tried the Ginvera range? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Ginvera BB Cream

    • Helen says:

      I liked it. I’d recommend buying a sample from their site (I did to see if it suited me before I got the full size) it’s well worth it as I probably got 2-3wks use out of the sample!

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