Maybelline Baby Lips


My Japanese friend often sends me cute gifts and recently sent me a small parcel of goodies. Amongst them I was very happy to find three Maybelline Baby Lips balms; a range I’d seen quite a bit of recently on the UK high street. My current favourite lip balm is from Burt’s Bees and it lives in my handbag, but I find you can never have too many lip balms, especially if you’re prone to misplacing them as often as I do, so these were a very welcome addition to my stash!

Baby Lips is a fairly recent launch to the UK arriving in Autumn 2013. The balms come in 6 different colours / flavours and retail at around £2.99. Containing Shea Butter and SPF 20,  the balms claim to hydrate lips for up to 8 hours.

I thought it would be a bit OTT to have three more balms on the go so for the purposes of this review I plumped for testing ‘Smoothing Cherry’ one.

This particular balm is colourless, has a cherry scent and a non-sticky formulation. I liked the slight sheen it gave to the lips, and it was definitely hydrating.

Looking at the Baby Lips available in Boots however it would appear that the Japanese range may be slightly different to the UK one and I couldn’t find a ‘Smoothing Cherry’. We do have one called ‘Cherry Me’, but it is tinted unlike the Japanese one. I tend to focus more on my eyes when making-up though so colourless balms are fine by me.

I like the packaging of the balms and the fact they contain a high SPF is a bonus, but I can’t see Baby Lips replacing my Burt’s Bees as I prefer the fact that Burt’s Bees is 100% natural. I will however stash my Baby Lips in the glove box of the car and perhaps one in my other bag for when I forget my Burt’s Bees balm, so they won’t go totally unappreciated!

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