My Current Haircare – Timotei Organic Delight

Today I thought I’d blog about the shampoo and conditioner I’m using currently,  Timotei‘s Organic Delight, as it was a nice surprise when I saw it on the shelf at my local Boots store.


Organic Delights is an SLS-, Paraben-, and Silicone free range and I was impressed that at last one of the cheaper, high streets brands was recognising the demand for shampoos and conditioners that weren’t packed with chemicals and didn’t compromise the environment with compounds that wouldn’t biodegrade. 

Online reviews were fairly average but given the price of £3.59 (buy it here) I thought it was worth a try.

First impressions, I like the packaging with it’s simple colour palette.  It looks fresh and, well, natural which I guess is the point. Also the tubes make a welcome change from rigid plastic bottles which I imagine are heavier to transport and use more plastic in their manufacturing.

Onto the actual shampoo and the scent is fresh, almost grass-like, and the colour is almost translucent, which is to be expected as the formulas are also colourant free. I’ve never really understood why companies make their shampoos coloured (to me it’s just one more unnecessary chemical) so that was good. The shampoo doesn’t foam up significantly,  but that has been my experience with most SLS free formulas and isn’t a problem as the shampoo seems to cleanse perfectly well.

The conditioner is white in colour with the same scent as the shampoo.  It’s quite light so I imagine if you have long, thick or dry hair  this condutioner may not be for you or you may need to supplement your routine with deep conditioning treatment once a week. It’s fine for my short hair though.

I’m so used to seeing the word Natural in the name of something only to turn the bottle around to find it contains very few ingredients of a natural origin, so I was impressed that the shampoo boasted 98% natural ingredients (10% organic) and the conditioner 99% (15% organic). 95% of the contents are also biodegradable.

All in all I like the products, but I don’t think they’ll be for everyone especially as the conditioner doesn’t feel very rich (although within the range they also have a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair). I won’t beat around the bush; if you’re a fan of indulgent scents and textures then Timotei’s Organic Delights is unlikely to float your boat. But if you want a fairly basic shampoo and conditioner that cleanses well, doesn’t leave a residue and is free from nasties you can’t go much wrong than giving this range a try. And it does prove another point that if a company can manufacturer a range of natural, free-from products at less than £4 a piece why aren’t more companies doing so?

It would be great to see natural products having more dominance on the high street instead of being confined to the realms of health stores and niche brands. I also think that if people saw familiar brands launching natural ranges then they would be more likely to try the ranges and begin to think more about the products they use.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve found any other high street brands that have natural ranges!

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