Mio Skincare and My Aim For a Fitter, Healthier Year

The makers of Mama Mio, a range of skin- and bodycare for mum and baby, recently launched a “High intensity” bodycare range targeting problem areas and working alongside a healthy lifestyle to really bring results.  With fresh zingy scents the intention is to kickstart your day and motivate you, whilst moisturising and caring for your skin, and finally helping you to unwind after a long day. Invigorating shower gels, firming creams, muscle-soothing balms; all complement one another with one goal of giving you “skin fit for life”.

The Mio range is free from SLS, parabens,  petrolatum,  synthetic colours and fragrance and PEGs which gives a great first impression and shows that Mio’s creators weren’t just thinking of the marketing blurb when making the range, but made sure they translated their vision into formulas which have substance and integrity.


Mio Skincare launched in January this year and can be purchased at Space NK as well as through their own website and prices range from £16 – £30. The range is already very comprehensive and consists of Workout Wonder (an Invigorating Muscle gel); Get Waisted, Skin Tight,  Shrink To Fit, and Boob Tube (firming creams to target problem areas); Quick Start, Liquid Yoga, and Double Buff ( a shower gel,  bath soak and exfoliator); and The Activator,  The A List, and Future Proof (a body oil, body cream and body butter). So they have really covered all bases when it comes to people’s preferences and needs. The majority of the range is also fairly unisex so could be used by men.

Prior to becoming a parent I used to be very fit, but I’ve not set foot in the gym for a couple of years and although I run around after a toddler and walk everywhere it’s not really enough. Consequently my weight has crept up and I’m no longer as body confident as I was. Now we’re past the Winter months however is now my aim to get fitter and healthier, so I decided to purchase a few of the items from the Mio range for when I manage to work a bit of a fitness regime into my life. I know that having these lovely products to use pre and post workout will motivate me even more!

Of course I could start using the range immediately if I wanted to but I do feel as though the products wouldn’t be used to their full potential and that I would do them more justice (and see better results) using them alongside a healthier diet and exercise. So that is my aim!

How do you juggle the demands of a busy life (whether that’s work or parenting) and keeping fit? Have you struggled like me? If you have any tips or suggestions as to how I can work more exercise into my day I’d love to hear from you!

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