Spring Clean (AKA I may need therapy)!


It was a typical April day today – sunshine and showers – so I embarked on a bit of a Spring clean and decided to tackle the spare room; a place that has become a dumping ground for paperwork,  recently bought items that I’ve not found a home for yet, and is also where we store gifts we’ve bought to put away for Birthdays and Christmas.

We have one of those high – sleeper beds in the spare room with cupboards underneath, which is great storage but unfortunately it gets stuff just thrown in it, which every few months becomes an unmanageable mess that I have to sort out before I go mad. Today was one of those days! Whilst my husand took care of Daddy duties I set to work; everything had to come out of the room, get sorted through and put back in a more orderly fashion. The cupboards are still full but I did manage to shred some old paperwork, sort out a huge binbag of old toys and bric a brac for the church fair, fill another large bag with rubbish and stash some stuff up in the loft.

I also sorted through my stash of toiletries and nail polishes, putting away my most recent Birchbox and Ciate purchases and finding some multivitamins that I’m ashamed to say were way out of date and which promptly made their way into the bin.

N.B. Toiletries does not include makeup by the way, which would be another half a day’s work and is definitely not something I’m ready to tackle yet (I’m still in denial about the fact I have way too much makeup than I’ll ever use)!

All in all it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t come across anything I’d forgotten I had; so I didn’t find a purse full of cash (boo) although on the plus side that also means I didn’t find an unpaid bill either (yay)! I did however realise that I really should curb my shopping a bit. It’s that or end up in therapy! 

Like most people I guess, I have a love/hate relationship with sorting out. I like the end result and the satisfaction of having a tidy room and a bag full of things to get rid of, but I hate the mess that’s created in the process and also that guilty feeling when I realise quite how much stuff I buy / own / never use (delete as applicable)! I’m definitely spurred on to tackle the rest of the rooms and now the Easter Holidays are over and my Daughter’s back at Nursery I’ll finally get a couple of hours to myself to get it done. Wish me luck as i’ll definitely need it when I get to my shoes, handbags and clothes. Sigh!

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