Breakouts and Rediscovering an Old Favourite


Once upon a time I used Decleor Ylang-Ylang Aromessence Oil (now called Super Serum) and Ylang-Ylang Night Balm religiously;  its scent is divine and it did wonders for balancing my spot prone complexion and controlling my oily skin. Admittedly though I have a tendency to chop and change skincare; regularly being tempted by new launches or brands offering Gift With Purchases, so when I my skin improved I stopped using the Ylang-Ylang range. The last few weeks however I’ve been suffering from breakouts again. I’m not sure why other than perhaps the warmer weather, but it’s very annoying and not at all what I expect in my thirties!

I’m quite wary about a lot of popular anti-spot ranges out there as I find the formulas can often feel very astringent, as if they’re stripping the skin. I can see why people may like them as they do leave your skin feeling very clean and free from oil and, as someone with an oiler skin, I really appreciate how a greasy face can make you feel grubby and self conscious. But I also know that a degree of oil is good for the skin, acting as a natural moisturiser, and it has been said that oilier skins age better. In addition I believe that if you strip your skin of its natural oils then the sebaceous glands’ knee-jerk reaction is to compensate by producing more oil, creating a vicious cycle. Consequently I reached once again for my Decleor and it’s effective, yet gentle Ylang-Ylang range. Straight away I was reminded why I loved the products.

Years ago, when I first became aware of Decleor and their face oils, I thought it was a strange concept – using an oil on oily skin? – that was until I tried them. As the Aromessences Oil is a blend of natural plant and essential oils I found it to be very light, quite the opposite to my expectations, and it literally sank into the skin. Likewise the night balm, whilst thick when cold, melted quickly on contact with the skin and smoothed over the face to be slowly absorbed overnight.

(N.B. The face oils have in recent years been re branded as Super Serums although they are the same formulation, therefore effectively still an oil. I suspect this was mainly due to the growing popularity of serums but perhaps also because of the confusion the term oil can cause.)

Using the Aromessences once again and it’s too early to say what effect they’ve had on my breakouts, but I definitely know I still love the textures and scent, which seem to soothe and nourish the skin the instant they are applied. They feel indulgent and like a real treat, and that to me is part of the pleasure when using skincare.

If you like your skincare to incorporate rich essential oils and natural scents I can highly recommend Decleor. Prices start at £34.50 for the balms and £44 for the serums and a list of stockists can be found here. The Aromessences are also 100% natural and there are a variety of them to target specific concerns (dryness, aging,  sun exposure etc) so there is something in the range for every skin type. I definitely intend to explore the rest of the Decleor range again, especially as I’ve heard about the new Aromessence Mandarine Super Serum they’ve launched which targets fine lines and the first signs of aging. As a thirty-something year old that’s high on my list of skin concerns and one I want to try!

Have you tried any Decleor Aromessences? If so which is your favourite?

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