Summer Feet

This Spring I have been tending to my tootsies on an almost obsessional basis. They have been scrubbed and moisturised within an inch of their lives, but I think the results have been worth it.

I tend to get hard skin on my heels and the pads of my big toes which is worsened probably because I practically live in my Dr Martens and Converse most of the year. So as soon as it’s hot and my feet demand a more skimpy style of footwear I look at my feet, go “oh no” and quickly go into the emergency, must-get-my-feet-looking-half decent mode. I was determined not to get caught out this year though.


The products I’ve been using are Soap&Glory‘s Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Heel Genius and they’ve worked wonders, transforming the feet I was too ashamed to bare from dry and calloused to smooth as my baby’s bottom. They must be pretty wonderful products really because it’s been no mean feat! (See what I did there?)

The other weapons in my arsenal are a pumice for sloughing off dead skin and a pair of socks that I apply every evening once I’ve moisturised and which, much to my husband’s dismay I sleep in! Apart from the intensely moisturised feet, the other bonus of the socks is they help keep my feet lovely and warm so I sleep really well!

And this is the end result, which apart from my polish looking a bit scruffy I think looks fairly presentable!

(If you like the colour by the way it’s Royal Botanical Gardens by Nails Inc)

So that’s my recommendation to you all in the run up to summer;  scrub, moisturise and apply bedsocks. They may not a good look but you’ll thank me when your feet look fabulous in your sandals!

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