Getting Naked with Naked Bodycare

This post isn’t about ditching my clothes (sorry to disappoint). I don’t think anyone should be subjected to that, at least not until I’ve shed a stone perhaps… No, It’s about the shower gel I’m currently using which is from Naked Bodycare.


You may remember on Sunday I wrote about having a sort out of my toiletries.  Well I came across a few bottles of Naked Bodycare body washes that I’d purchased a while ago at Boots and I decided I’d use one. I already had a body wash I was using, rather grudgingly I must add. It was a Boots Natural Collection one I was given as part of a gift,  but despite the name there is very little “natural” about it and I just wanted to use it up so I could move on to the good stuff I have in my stock.

Naked are a range of washes and shampoos that are at least 97% natural and free from the sort of chemicals you find in many other brands. As well as not testing on animals the vast majority of the range is vegan-friendly. I’d used Naked shampoo a few years back and vaguely remember that I wasn’t too impressed by the lack of lather, so I was unsure whether the body washes would fare any better. Luckily I love the lather of this wash; it has a soft, gentle foam that isn’t drying and the scent from the blend of oils including, Starflower, Lavender, Geranium and Ylang-Ylang is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m so happy to have rediscovered this range as at around £3.99 it’s a really good price for a range that has such a great ethos, and despite it’s small price tag it still feels like a good quality product. I’ll definitely be restocking next time I pass through Boots.

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