Today’s Mani – featuring Nails Inc


I usually wear very bright or deeply coloured nail polish but find it be can very messy to remove. Plus if I decide on pink accessories one day but I’m wearing blue polish, and don’t have the time to redo my polish, it can look rather mismatched which is rather annoying to someone who is a bit OCD about co’ordination like myself.

And so today I decided on quite a neutral pinky beige polish with a glittery accent nail to add a little colour (I often do just an accent nail for everyday wear as glittery polishes can be such a pain in the a*** to remove)!


The polishes I chose were Exeter Street (a creamy neutral) and Hoxton Street (a Graffiti glitter featuring lots of different size and shape particles) by Nails Inc. I also used their A&E base coat and the 45 second Caviar top coat to give a really shiny finish.

This is the end result:


N.B.  I broke a nail yesterday and as a result had to cut my nails quite short to match the broken one!

The Exeter Street took two coats to fully coat the nail (the first coat being slightly streaky, although I find this with most creamy polishes) and I just applied one coat of the glitter and the Caviar top coat.

I’m very pleased with the finished look. I think the glitter looks nice as just an accent and the base polish is a subtle enough colour that it should compliment any clothes and accessories I choose to wear. The Caviar Top Coat is also really glossy.

What nail look do you usually go for?

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