Battle of The Glosses

I currently have three lip glosses rattling around in my handbag and which are in use. These are a Stila Lip Glaze in Kaleidoscope,  ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Striptease and Soap&Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Apricot. Which do I prefer though? Well let me put them to the test.


ModelCo – top, Stila – middle, Sexy Mother Pucker – bottom.

First up is ModelCo in Striptease (RRP £12), a barely-there glossy pink. With the added touch of a handy mirror on the side the packaging is lovely and already makes me think that the actual product will be good quality.  I’m not disappointed.  Whilst it’s not highly pigmented (in fact on my lips you can barely see any difference to my natural colour) it does have a beautiful, glossy sheen with a slight sparkle that is moisturising but not at all sticky. I like it a lot.

Secondly is the Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Apricot (RRP £9).  The packaging is pretty basic and in all honesty doesn’t impress, but it’s what’s inside that counts right? And inside is where Soap&Glory‘s gloss gains Brownie Points, because the formula comes with a surprise. The gloss actually gives the lips a tingly sensation and causes them to plump up ever so slightly. It’s not extreme though (we aren’t talking fish-lips), in fact the effect is quite modest, but I think does make a difference to my thin top lip. The gloss is definitely the most pigmented out of the three and again it makes the lips shiny but is ever so slightly sticky. Unlike the others the gloss has quite a flat colour as it doesn’t contain any sparkle.

Last but not least is the Stila Lip Glaze (RRP £15).  This unfortunately is my least favourite gloss out of the three which is a real shame as it’s the one I wanted to like the most (I usually rate Stila products highly)! I like the look of the packaging very much but unfortunately I think it’s the packaging that actually makes application difficult and the result so mediocre.  Firstly you seem to have to turn the tube quite a lot to load the brush sufficiently and even then it never feels like much of the product transfers from the brush to your lips making application quite frustrating. Secondly the gloss is the stickiest of the three and contains large particles of glitter, which feel rough and lend the gloss an almost gritty texture (these Lip Glazes do come in a variety of colours and textures however, some of which don’t seem to be as glittery so may apply better).

So which is my favourite? Well clearly the Stila Glaze is the loser in this comparison. But between the other two glosses I’d probably choose ModelCo as my winner. I love the packaging with it’s handy mirror, but also the highly glossy yet light formula is fantastic and seems to last the longest.

What lip glosses do you rate most?

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