No More Pores!

Today I talk pore minimizer / matifiers; these holy-grail products that claim to reduce the look of pores and reduce shine. But do they actually live up to the hype?


In this post I compare and review three products that promise to reduce shine and minimize large, open pores – The massively popular Pore-fessional from Benefit,  Shiseido’s Mattifying Stick, and Nip + Fab’s Shine Fix – so if this is a skin concern you have stick around!



Firstly I’ll look at probably the most well-known and much lauded product POREfessional by Benefit, which is £24.50 for 22ml. Containing Dimethicone, which smooths the skin by way of fulling out inperfections, Pore-fessional’s aim is to minimise the appearance of fine lines and open pores, making the perfect base for makeup.

This dispenses like a cream and has a slight tint to it, which I think helps it to look slightly less chalky than some pore minimizers can do. As it rubs in it does go from a creamy texture to more of a powder and it certainly smooths the pores and mops up oil, giving the perfect canvas upon which to apply your makeup. It is also great for those “No makeup” days when you want to quickly mattify your skin but haven’t got time for a full face of makeup.



Next up is Shine Fix by the UK based Nip+Fab. This comes in a 15ml tube and retails at £9.95 (although it seems you can now only buy old stock of this as it’s disappeared from their website). Unlike the other products in this review Shine Fix has a gel texture and doesn’t feel at all powdery. I like the light, cooling sensation on the skin which is obviously the Tea Tree and Menthol oils at work, and to me this is a plus point as it actually contains natural ingredients that are known for their purifying qualities, it therefore feels as if this is not just a temporary fix to the problem of shiny skin but also works within the skin to control shine and reduce breakouts.

On immediate application Shine Fix actually looks shiny and feels watery but it soon mattifies the skin leaving it feeling oil free so thumbs up for that. However my skin doesn’t look quite so “Pore-fect” as it did with the POREfessional, which I guess is down to it not containing silicones, and I wouldn’t be as confident to go “makeup free” wearing it. Another negative is that this is not in a larger size, although you do need to use very little, and at £9.95 (if you can find it) it is the cheapest of the bunch.


Finally let’s take a look at the Shiseido Matifying Stick (£18.50, 4g) and already you’ll see one big difference;  it’s in a stick. This makes it easy to reapply during the day, although if you’re wearing a face full of makeup then realistically you probably aren’t going to apply more than once. But if you’re a guy who suffers from shine then this one is certainly perfect!

Although it is solid the Matifying Stick has a very similar feel to POREfessional gliding on to leave a very matt and smooth base over which to apply makeup. Although I do find the stick application somewhat fiddly and a bit pointless really as I still need to use my fingers to blend the product once applied. It’s formulation is similar to that of Pore-fessional; relying on the inclusion of silicones to smooth the skin.

The ingredients list:

Nip+Fab (left), Benefit (middle), Shiseido (right).

Looking at the ingredients Shine Fix appears to have a pretty impressive formula, not just mopping up oil and smoothing pores but actually containing bacteria blitzing natural ingredients, and on that basis I like it. However I can’t overlook the fact that it doesn’t quite make my skin look as perfect as the others and that is after all why you’d buy one of these products.  So overall considering both the results and application I’d say Benefit’s POREfessional wins this round!

What shine-busting products get your vote?

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2 thoughts on “No More Pores!

    • Helen says:

      There was a magazine this month (Elle I think) that had a free mini Pore-fessional with it. It may not be available now as all the July magazines have come out but if you can get hold of one it may be worth sampling it before you buy a full size one. Or you could try to blag one from a Benefit counter…

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