Perfumes from My Youth

It’s so easy to attach memories to a scent and perfumes have a real ability to invoke strong emotions as a result. I think thats why many of us have “signature scents” or get annoyed when a favourite perfume is discontinued.

There are a few perfumes that I discovered when I was younger and that I will always have a soft spot for, even if they aren’t what you would call “classic” or even particularly popular scents, and today I thought I’d write about them.

Oilily Flowers EDP


Many years ago I went on a student exchange to Germany and I was given a 5ml miniature of Oilily Flowers perfume in a Douglas store. I loved its fresh, fruity scent and its girly packaging and as a teenager the fragrance was right up my street.


Fast forward 15 or so years and after reminiscing about that trip I decided to track it down on Ebay (unfortunately I think this fragrance has long been discontinued). Upon receipt I was immediately transported back to being a teenager! It’s not a sophisticated scent nor is it very long lasting but as an everyday fragrance it is nice enough.

Une Touche de Naf Naf


NafNaf was (or still is) big on the Continent and this was one of their perfumes launched in 1991. When I was about 14 my German exchange partner bought me a bottle of this, which she also wore, as a present. I recall I liked it a lot and thought it was a pretty cool gift, although I’ve never used it since I ran out and it’s been over a decade so I can’t actually remember that much about the scent. It’s discontinued but I have seen items from international sellers on Ebay, and it is tempting to grab one for old time’s sake, but the prices are quite high so I’m resisting, especially as I don’t even know if I’d still like the fragrance.

Georgio Armani Mania


Years ago Georgio Armani launched their original Mania fragrance for women. In a tall, sleek frosted glass bottle with a black lid and with quite a musky scent, I would say it was more suited to wearing on a night out. I discovered it when I was given a free miniature at Düsseldorf Airport on one of my many exchange trips to Germany and liked it so much I saved up and bought a large bottle when I got back to the UK.

Much to my disappointment they discontinued it years later, then brought out a new Mania which is much sweeter and more feminine than the original scent. In fact apart from sharing the name it is nothing like it’s predecessor. Speak to Fragrance Counter Assistants and most will not even recall that Georgio Armani ever did a different Mania perfume. Trust me they did!

Versace Woman


I came across this fragrance at University when an assistant in House Of Fraser was practically giving away the entire store if I made a purchase. A sucker for freebies I gave in, but I do like this scent and wore it to the Graduation Ball so it reminds me of really happy times. I think this is still available and can be bought heavily discounted at places like The Perfume Shop.

These days I have far too many perfumes to have become really attached to any. I think half the problem is that there is so much choice out there that I have a tendency to chop and change, but back when I was younger and just really experimenting with fragrance I can completely remember where and when I first encountered a particular scent. Do you have any old favourites? And what scents remind you of specific events? 

5 thoughts on “Perfumes from My Youth

  1. LFFL says:

    I hated when my favorite perfume got discontinued. It’s was the only one everyone always made comments on when I wore it.

    • Helen says:

      It’s rubbish isn’t it! I remember being really happy when I saw they’d launched Mania again and thought they’d just changed the bottle but the scent itself was totally different. What perfume was it you used to like?

      • LFFL says:

        Organza Indecence. Still have some, but was told it was being discontinued a few years ago. Was totally upset.

  2. Emily says:

    Aw this is such a nice idea for a post 🙂 I agree that a scent can transport you to a certain time and place in your life. I can no longer wear or stand the scent of CKin2u by CK as it reminds me of being a horribly drunk/ hungover 18 year old! xx

    • Helen says:

      Speaking of CK fragrances, I remember when CK One came out and it seemed like literally everyone was wearing it. I had a boyfriend that wore it all the time!

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