Love Me Beauty – May


If I was disappointed with last month’s Love Me Beauty box then this month I am positively angry. I therefore apologise in advance for the entirely negative tone of this blog post.

I was pretty nonplussed with last month’s Love Me Beauty selection (see my previous post) and chose to pause my subscription. I thought the April box was just a glitch and that it couldn’t get much worse, but sadly it just did. Let me explain why.

I subscribe to what is supposed to be a beauty box so why Love Me Beauty (or any other Beauty Box for that matter) seem to think I would want to see teabags (even if they are higher end TeaPigs ones) and stationary in my box as two out of the five items is beyond me! If I wanted a lifestyle or foodie box I would have subscribed to one. 

The other items included in May’s box are a lip balm, samples of some other balm products, and yet another nail polish (none of which excite me in the slightest, especially as it was only last month that they included a nail product)! It leaves me wondering if Love Me Beauty are struggling to get brands on board or if the buyers have simply run out of inspiration,  but either way this isn’t the beauty box I was expecting when I subbed and it’s doubtful I’ll send any more money their way unless they seriously turn a corner next month.
One of the main differences between Love Me Beauty and other beauty boxes is their Boutique, which contains three menu choices so you can hopefully select a box that is more suited to you, but in reality there is never much difference between the menus and this month there isn’t even the option of avoiding the tea or stationary. This renders the concept pretty useless.

On the website Love Me Beauty say the following:
Love Me Beauty strives to create an ultimate beauty experience for its subscribers. Your box will contain skin care products, hair care products, make-up items, fragrances and a few other surprises – all for just £10 plus P&P!
Unfortunately I don’t feel that they are living up to these claims at all this month!

So once again I’ve paused my subscription and I appeal to Love Me Beauty to please bring back the makeup and lovely skin- and bodycare products they have included in previous boxes!

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16 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty – May

    • Helen says:

      Thanks! I know some people will love the notebooks but it’s just not what I want from a beauty box! I’ve emailed them with feedback anyway. I’ve only paid up for one more month luckily.

    • Helen says:

      Indeed. I’ve just had a tweet back from them advising “LMB is a beauty and lifestyle box”. Really? I’m not sure it states that on their website, and this is the first box I’ve really seen digress from Beauty products so much.

      • Jaina - Which Beauty Box UK says:

        That’s very deceiving as it definitely does not state that on their website. They use to be good but I feel that their sign up’s are some what deteriorating on the beauty side. Let’s hope next month’s is a better however by the sound of their new “lifestyle” concept I doubt it

      • Helen says:

        I’m wondering if I can get a refund on my remaining month because if they’re a lifestyle box now it’s definitely not what I signed for and I kind of feel cheated!

  1. Chanel@iblushbeauty says:

    I thought it was just a dream when I checked the boutique in the early hours of this morning! I’ll also be pausing for this month, although my subscription runs for another 3 months. I do hope it gets better!

    • Helen says:

      Sorry you’ve got 3 months left to run :/ Hopefully they’ll mix the boxes up next month and offer more beauty again!

      I think they need to clarify on the website what sort of box they’re actually offering, because when I gave them feedback they told me they’re a lifestyle box as well as beauty box, but I can only find one place, in their FAQs, where they actually mention lifestyle. I don’t really mind them throwing in an odd lifestyle product as an extra, like YBD and Birchbox do, but not when it’s included as one (or two) of the main items. If I wanted a lifestyle box I’d sub to something like Not Another Bill.

      • Chanel@iblushbeauty says:

        Aww thanks, I hope so too for next month! I totally agree with you regarding the lifestyle element, I didn’t know about it either. If they are changing direction, that’s fine but let us consumers know. x

  2. Samantha says:

    I actually really like the selection Love Me Beauty is offering! I think it’s a little unfair in what you say as you have had the chance to see what is in the box before you purchase unlike the service other boxes provide! From what I’ve seen people seem to love the notebooks, as do I, but I can see your argument. x

    • Helen says:

      True you do see what is in your box, but only that months. I paid upfront for 3 months worth of boxes, so until I have my 3rd box I’m technically £12.95 out of pocket if that makes sense. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for a 6 or 12 month subscription if this is the direction they’re moving in.

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