Introducing Caudalie Polyphenol

My Caudalie box from Latest In Beauty arrived last week and I was very excited to have the opportunity to try a new skincare range.

I always worry that sometimes sample boxes don’t always contain large enough sizes to really road-test a product but in the case of this box I was pleasantly surprised that the sizes looked really generous. Not only that but comparing the samples with the full sized items on the Caudalie website, ml for ml the price I paid (£9.95 inc. free P&P) was an absolute steal! Plus if I fall in love with any of the items there’s is a generous £10 off a £40 spend code included!

So what was included in my box.


The first product was the Polyphenol C 15 Anti-wrinkle Defense Serum 10ml sample (£35, 30ml). Now I don’t really have wrinkles or fine lines so people may be thinking “why bother?  You don’t need anti – aging products”. But with respect they’re wrong. The clue is in the word Anti; it’s not a wait-till-you-have-wrinkles-then-start-using serum, it’s about acting now to prevent aging of the skin.

So anyway back to the serum. By now we all know we should moisturise but I’m sure there are many of us out there who don’t use a serum underneath our moisturiser and who probably view it as another time consuming and unnecessary step, but a serum is really worth using if you want to see real results. Why? Because serums contain much more of the active ingredients and this higher concentration means they can work deeper down. Whilst a moisturiser’s main task is to hydrate the skin and can help target some skin concerns, a serum will really supercharge your routine by providing targeted and specific skincare. As a result serums are big news and I’d highly recommend investing in one.

The Caudalie serum is said to protect against environmental stresses which is particularly important in today’s society where we often work in climate controlled buildings and face increasing air pollution.

Secondly there is a generous 15ml tube of Polyphenol SPF20 Anti-wrinkle Protect Fluid (£29, 40ml). Unlike some anti-wrinkle moisturisers, which tend to be heavy, this one is a light, oil-free fluid, which suits all skin types. It is fantastic for my oily skin. It claims to rehydrate, smooth and fill out the skin. Add to that the broad spectrum SPF20 and you’ve got the perfect day cream.

Finally the box contains the Polyphenol Anti-wrinkle Eye & Lip Cream (£26, 15ml). Again at 5ml it’s a generous size and should last a while as you don’t need a lot of cream round the eye and lip area.

It’s nice to find a 2 in 1 product that targets the lip area as well as the eye area, as often the lip area is overlooked and this can be one of the first areas where fine lines start creeping in. This is a gel cream too so it is the perfect texture for the eye area as I find heavier eye creams can drag the skin, which can damage the fragile skin around the eyes. As well as targeting the first signs of aging the gel is also cooling;  helping to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

I absolutely love when a site like Latest In Beauty does an exclusive launch box as it allows people like me, who aren’t Beauty Editors or VIPs,  to try a brand new range without shelling out big money. Have you tried Caudalie yet?

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