My Cheeky Manicure

Tonight I was going through my stash of beauty products and came across a Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint (RRP £7, available here or in Superdrug) that I got with The Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest In Beauty.


Now I’m not really a fan of getting nail polishes in boxes, simply because I have so many already and I have a preference towards certain brands, so this one had been put away without being used, but not being able to decide what colour to paint my nails tonight I decided to do a quick manicure using this polish and see what it was like.


First impressions and I thought the brush was going to be a little too large for my small nails. This larger than average brush seems to be a selling point of the brand though and to be honest after trying it I was impressed by how easy and quick it was to coat the nails. I do think it would make it more difficult to do accurate or fiddly work and you have to be careful when painting the edge of the nail.

Coverage wise and this polish is great. I’d actually go as far as to say it’s better than many of my Nails Inc polishes which tend to be streaky at first and definitely require a second coat. The Cheeky Nail Paint coated my nail fully with one coat, although I did a second to really make sure that the coverage was really uniform.


Having only just tried the polish I can’t comment on the staying power yet, although it did seem to dry quite quickly which is a plus as I hate waiting around for polish to dry. The consistency wasn’t too gloopy or too runny either. As usual I finished off my manicure with a top coat (this time Albert Bridge from Nails Inc) but the finish even before applying a top coat was incredibly shiny.

The colour of this polish is a rich, coral red called Tongue N Cheek and I imagine it will look fabulous with a tan. It’s probably not a colour I’d have chosen for myself but I guess the point of beauty boxes is you get to try things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy, plus corals seem to be bang on trend. Trying Cheeky Nail Paint has certainly made me want to seek out more of their polishes!

Have you tried any Cheeky Nail Paints?

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