Stila Perfect&Correct Foundation

The foundation I had been using was running low, but rather than repurchase (I was using Clinique Perfectly Real and I hadn’t really been that impressed with it) I wanted to find a different one.

I hate buying foundation as it can be such a minefield of different shades and formulations and it’s all too easy to get home and discover that “perfectly matched” foundation is actually orange and rather than being “dewy” looks like an oil slick within a few hours! But browsing online, whilst buying some of their palettes, Stila’s Perfect & Correct Foundation caught my eye. In a moment of uncharacteristic, wild abandonment, I threw caution to the wind and popped one in my shopping cart!


I was drawn to this foundation for a few reasons.

Firstly it’s formula contains a moisturising primer to hydrate the skin continuously. It is also packed full of antioxidants, minerals and soothing chamomile, and claims to perfect the skin, control oil and diminish the look of fine lines. I love makeup that multi tasks and rather than just masking a problem (eg blemishes)  actually treats it so this was right up my street.


Secondly it’s coverage is not too heavy, which is a bug bear of mine. I prefer to build up coverage and will use concealer in areas which need more attention.

I’ve never bought foundation without first trying it first but I checked out swatches online and was pretty confident Fair would be the right shade for me, which fortunately it was.


And what about the foundations claims about hydrating and controlling oil?  Again I’m pleased to say that the foundation passed this test too. In fact being fairly dubious that anything could stop the shine from coming through (such is my skin type) it actually surpassed my expectations.  Normally by midday my complexion is starting to look shiny and my makeup is sliding off, but with Stila’s Perfect and Correct my skin still felt great at 3pm.

As for hydration this foundation felt great to apply, and with it’s creamy texture it wasn’t drying and blended well (with my Clinique foundation I always felt it dried too quickly and was therefore hard to blend and could look patchy).

At £28.50 for 30ml this isn’t a cheap foundation but it’s for me it’s definitely worth the price tag because it performs so well. I also think something you apply everyday to the whole face, and which forms the base for the rest of your makeup, is worth paying for everytime.

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4 thoughts on “Stila Perfect&Correct Foundation

    • Helen says:

      Ooh, maybe that’s another one for the “to try” list then (I’ll wait till they have a Gift with Purchase offer at the counter )! Thanks 🙂

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