Birchbox May Review



Today my eagerly awaited Birchbox arrived! After all the spoilers I’d seen I was very hopeful for the Birchbox and Harper’s Bazaar collaboration, but were my expectations too high perhaps?

Well to be honest it is successful for the most part. Certainly on first impressions at least the box is pretty and a marked improvement on the Lulu Guinness box, which featured only a patterned sleeve, and it also contains a lovely glossy magazine, but what of the contents?


I’ll share what I got and my thoughts below.


Soigne Nail Polish (RRP £11) Everyone gets a full size polish in their May box. I was a bit disappointed at first when they unveiled this spoiler as it was only last month that everyone got a polish and it seemed to me they were running out of inspiration.  But this is a lovely polish and beautifully packaged. It’s also a brand that very few people will have heard and its always good to see a new, emerging brand feature in a box so that’s a thumbs up from me on that point. Mine is also in Pomegranate, a bright pinky-red polish, which pleases me as I was hoping not to get a nude polish. I’d probably say that, despite my initial misgivings, this is the best item in the box and value wise this polish alone pretty much covers the price of the subscription!


Benefit They’re Real (RRP £19.50) This is a nice sample size of Benefit’s cult mascara, which again is in every box. But I think it’s a little bit on the safe side, plus Benefit is everywhere right now and although they’re decent products there are other brands out there doing good stuff too. I guess this is a very popular product and therefore has earned it’s place in the box, but I’d like to see more unique brands personally.


Laura Mercier Face Polish (RRP £25.50) This sample is probably the second best item in my box because Laura Mercier products are held in such high regard in the beauty industry. I was hoping to get a Laura Mercier product in my box last month and didn’t so this appeases me somewhat. I’m looking forward to trying it!


Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil (RRP £39) This smells gorgeous and is a lovely item but quite honestly 3ml isn’t going to last very long so I shall use sparingly!


Imedeen Supplements (RRP £37.99, 60 tabs)  I don’t really know what to think when Beauty Boxes include supplements. Some people are on medication that cannot be taken with certain supplements or may have medical reasons why they may not be able to take them, so just because something is available over the counter doesn’t mean it should be sent to subscribers without knowing their history. These also contain fish extract so aren’t vegan-friendly. All that aside though I will take them as I usually take some form of multivitamin already so I’m not adverse  to taking health supplements and I’m quite interested to see if these make a difference to my skin, which is prone to oiliness and breakouts. Plus these are quite pricy so not a brand that would normally be on my shopping list (the pack size included is 30 tablets, so worth a whopping £19)!


Philip Kingsley One More Day dry shampoo. This is the only real disappointment in the box. I have cropped hair which sticks up all over the place in the morning, so I wash my hair daily. Dry shampoo is never going to touch that problem, and so I hate receiving it in boxes. I think other people got a shampoo and conditioner duo which I’d have been happier with. Birchbox weren’t to know my hair is super short but isn’t that where profiles come in? Their profiles need work I think as they’re pretty vague and there’s no way of opting out of getting unsuitable things.

So that was my box. And my verdict? I’m pleased with it on the whole and I think Birchbox have sent out a good mix of perfectly usable items. Going back to the Harper’s Bazaar collaboration however and I’m not really feeling it completely. I guess I was expecting more unique products and brands, not a dry shampoo and mascara that I’ve seen in other beauty boxes recently, but thats just a small niggle and certainly isn’t a deal breaker!

The box is great value and it’s fun to recieve items that I wouldn’t perhaps buy for myself usually. If Birchbox keep up their fantastic customer service and high level of products they feature then I’ll remain to be a happy customer and will heartily recommend them.

Are you tempted to sign up? If so use my referral link here and as a thank you we both get 50 points to spend in the Birchbox shop!

What was in your May box?

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8 thoughts on “Birchbox May Review

  1. Tired mum says:

    Not received my email yet let alone my box but to me this is worth the money but tbh most of it is a bit meh for me and i will probably quit birchbox this month and love me beauty next month.

    • Helen says:

      I didn’t get an email, the box just came this morning! I kind of wish there was some other makeup rather than nail polish and mascara (it looks like there were some lovely lip products in the US one) but at least the nail polish was a bright colour (I feared I’d get the nude one) and the value is much better this month. X

  2. Savvy Working Gal says:

    Wow. My box was completely different. I received Shea butter lip balm and some tea, but in my profile set up I specifically stated I didn’t want nail polish. For me this one was so much better than last month. Still not sure if it is worth $10. I’ll give it another month or two.

    • Helen says:

      I think the UK items were different to the US box. I noticed from the Spoiler video that the US boxes were going to get a balm or lip crayon, whereas we all got a polish. I wouldn’t have been impressed with tea in my Birchbox myself, and I’m not 100% convinced by getting supplements but they’re something different to try!

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