Loving The Brow – HD Brows Review

This year is all about the brow, which is unfortunate for me as my brows are fairly thin and sparse. This is great in terms of plucking and shaping as I only have about 3 stray hairs to pluck at most, but not so good when the “in thing” seems to be beautifully groomed, strong brows.

Luckily there are a variety of products out there that help create that perfect brow and tame unruly hairs.

One of the newest, most popular of these products is Benefit’s Gimme Brow – a brush on brow gel. I tried this when I recently had a Make-upper at a Benefit counter and it really does a good job because the formula coats the hairs and the mascara style wand helps groom the brows as you go. It comes in 2 shades and at £17.50 isn’t too ridiculously priced, however until I finish the product I currently use I must restrain myself from buying it and so it remains on my wish list.



The product I currently use is the HD Brows palette in Foxy (see pictures). Retailing at approximately £25, it contains four shades of powder and a double ended applicator brush to basically colour in the brow.

The palette is available in 2 other colourways – Bombshell for blondes and Vamp for very dark hair – but I think, unless your brows are particularly dark or light, most people could get away with Foxy.


Having four different colours means you can experiment to find the right mix of shades to produce a perfect match for your brow. It also makes the palette very versatile as the colours can be used on the eyelids as a traditional eyeshadow; using the dark shadow to create a smokey-eye look. In addition the lightest shadow can become a highlighter when used just under the brow line.

The HD Brows palette I have doesn’t include a wax to set the brows which I feel was a definite oversight. However I’ve noticed that HD Brows have rectified this and the newer version of the palette does have a wax. It’s aways great when a company takes feedback on board to improve what is already a fantastic product.

With this palette I’ve found that a little really does go a long way and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the pans so despite being a little pricier than it’s competitors, it is excellent value. The versatility of the product for me is a winner too!

What brow product do you use?

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