Storage Solutions

I love my beauty boxes but it does leave me with one problem – I have makeup, nail polishes, tiny pots of skincare, and tubes of lotions everywhere!


I had been saving my boxes to store things in but the issue with that was that I could never see what was where. Plus they were piling up under my bed and beginning to resemble a scene you’d find on Britain’s Worst Hoarders.


I was lusting after the clear acrylic storage you can find at Muji or Rymans but, lovely as they look when I see other people’s storage, I wasnt sure the OCD in me would cope with fingerprints on the shiny acrylic,  or if I really wanted to see the contents that clearly.


Looking through Rymans last week I found two sets of silver mesh 3 drawer chests in their clearance section. Made by Osco, the brand that also makes acrylic storage, these are exactly the same as the clear acrylic chests but in a silver/gray metal mesh, which won’t show up sticky fingermarks or get scratched as readily. I also like the way you can still see the contents but not quite as clearly, so at last I won’t need to root around through box after box to find a specific thing!


I’ve only made a small dent in what is a massive stash so I plan to grab a few more bits and pieces from the range and eventually I’ll have a proper home for all my items!

I would love to hear your storage solutions and tips so please feel free to leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Storage Solutions

  1. milliemakeup says:

    I have acrylic draws from Homebase which are actually bigger than Muji, but I must admit I find them a nightmare to clean!! Xx

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