Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist Review


Optrex Revive Moisture Mist claims to restore your eye’s natural moisture in and around the eyes by means of a simple mist, which you simply spray over closed eyes. Containing Pro-vitamin B5, it advises that it is gentle, safe to use by contact lens wearers and doesn’t smudge eye makeup.

As a BZZAgent I was sent a free kit to try out and review. So how did I get on?

My Optrex Eye Revive BZZkit (PR Sample)

As someone who wears eyeliner and lots of mascara on a daily basis I was dubious by the claim that you could spray it over makeup without it smudging. I knew my heavy eye makeup would really put the Optrex Revive Moisture Mist to the test. Much to my surprise however it passed the makeup test with flying colours; no smudged mascara here!

Sparkly eyes and not a mascara run in sight!

But what about the most important aspects such as replenishing moisture? Yet again the Moisture Mist didn’t disappoint. It’s cooling mist really did soothe the eye area and provide additional moisture, which is great for someone like myself who wears lenses but has a tendency to get dry, uncomfortable eyes. I think the moisture mist actually extended the time I can comfortably tolerate my lenses by an hour or so!

Optrex Eye Revive Mist comes in an easy to use spray (above)

I also suffer from hayfever and again this can make my eyes really itchy and irritated,  however a quick spritz of Eye Revive and my eyes were as fresh as daisies!

Most importantly I guess is the question would I repurchase? Well yes. Unlike traditional eyedrops that you have to discard after a few week’s use, which i find to be wasteful and puts me off buying them, the Moisture Mist can be kept for 6 months once opened. This is a definite plus and negates the rather hefty price tag of £15 somewhat.  Plus there are 100 sprays so it is going to last quite a while if only using the recommended 3-4 sprays a day. The mist is also a lot easier to use than a dropper. The only downer I can possibly think of is the packaging which my husband said looked like a condom pack (I’ve since seen others make this remark)! Please rethink the box design Optrex!

You will find Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist (RRP £15.99) in Tesco stores (beauty aisle) and in Boots (eye care aisle) and you can find more about the whole Optrex range here.

What do you think of an eye mist to soothe and moisturise tired, dry eyes? Is it something you have or would consider buying?

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