L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss – Review

I was recently contacted by BzzAgent to see if wanted to review L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss, an ammonia-free hair colourant. I’d not coloured my hair in ages and had been fancying a change so I jumped at the the opportunity! There were a number of colours to choose from and I selected Black Cherry. After making my choice all that was left to do was sit back and wait for my kit to be delivered.

So what were my first impressions of Loreal Casting Creme Gloss?

My BzzKit (PR Sample)

The colourant in Black Cherry

This is a typical kit with the colourant and developer that you mix together.  It contains a generously sized conditioner too, which should last a few washes. The instructions are bilingual which is slightly annoying as they would be easier to use in a smaller leaflet, with less wording on (especially as half of the wording is only useful if you speak Italian). They are easy to follow and clear however.

The kit claims to contain “Professional” gloves, but they arent really what you would see used in salons. They are quite cheap and very similar to the type you find in most kits, which is a shame. As with the others kits these gloves are far too big for me meaning i’m destined to get colourant everywhere I don’t want it (tips of ears, neck etc).

The instructions and gloves


The bottle is typical of most hair dyes, with a nossle that you can use to apply the dye direct to the hair. I prefer to apply it onto the gloves though then disperse it through my hair. You apply L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss to damp, towel dried hair.

Colour develops over time

The colour develops over time and it looked less red, more purple here which made me slightly hesitant. I did wonder if it would look anything like the picture on the box! The dye had quick a thick consistency which meant no drips (how I got it on the bath mat is still a mystery but fortunately it washed out)!

You are advised to leave the dye on for 20 minutes then rinse till the water runs clear. After this you apply the conditioner then rinse again.

Hair before colouring

Casting Crème Gloss claims to give your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and blend away grey, giving your hair a total beauty treatment. Did it live up to these expectations or was I disappointed?

Well I was very pleased with how smooth and glossy my hair looked and it felt much healthier. The colour was rich and shiny, just as the marketing blurb had advised it would be.

Hair after

The colourant is supposed to last 28 washes, so given that I wash my hair daily I’m only expecting it to last a month. How did it fare after a few washes?

A week later and my colour still looks vibrant and glossy. I love the result. It’s shiny and feels really healthy! I would definitely use Casting Creme Gloss again because it felt so gentle on my hair and was really easy to use.


Hair still looking glossy

L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss is £6.79 from most large supermarkets and branches of Boots and Superdrug, and is available in 38 different shades.

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