Nails of The Day – Nails Inc Galaxy

I was fed up yesterday and felt like jazzing up my nails. I loved the existing colour, which is a Soigné Botanique Nail Laquer in Chou-Fleur Violet, and it was still chip free despite having done some gardening earlier, so I decided to leave the base colour on and choose a complimentary glitter coat as an overlay.


The set of Nails Inc polishes I recently bought from QVC caught my eye – I’d not found a home for it yet and it was still on my bedroom floor. I had bought it mainly for the Snowflake polish which is sold out everywhere and goes for silly money on Ebay. As it contained 6 other lovely polishes and a Caviar top coat the set was well worth the £25 I paid and better than paying the £11+ price tag that the single polish was retailing for on Ebay!


The Galaxy glitter top coat, Chester Mews, immediately jumped out as it contained large fuschia pink glitter particles that would tie in the rest of the glitter (mainly green, blue and gold) with the base colour.


I applied one coat to each nail, then finished off with the Caviar Coat to smooth it out and make it last longer.


And there we have the finished article, which I don’t think looks too shabby for a quick two minute job! I really rate Nails Inc Glitter polishes; they’re so pretty and really alter the look of a base colour so are great if you fancy a quick change like I did.

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