You Beauty Discovery – May Review

Every month I rave about the You Beauty Discovery box as the line up is always so good and each month seems to surpass itself in terms of quality and value.

This month however, fabulous choices aside, there have been a few hiccups. I blogged about the website crashing in the early hours of May 1st as people clamoured to snap up their choices.  But also a few people, myself included, still haven’t got all their items and i’m late in writing this review for that very reason.


It would seem that You Beauty Discovery hadn’t got enough of the Margaret Dabbs foot cream to meet the demand so anyone who ordered it is still waiting.

You Beauty Discovery did send out the rest of the box, so I got the Fake Bake I selected, along with the delicious Lizzy’s Granola, the fantastic Caudalie Divine Legs and the Charles Worthington sachet that were the extras everyone received this month, but sadly no Margaret Dabbs until further notice.  I also recieved a really nice Margaret Dabbs glass file for sloughing away dry skin as an apology, along with a note saying the foot cream would be sent seperately.


I was holding off writing this review in the hope my cream would have arrived by now but it’s been three weeks and it’s now almost time for the June selection to be unveiled, so I could wait no longer.

And that, so far, is my May box from You Beauty Discovery! I still rate it above all the other boxes, because £6.95 is unarguably fantastic value when the Fake Bake has a value of around £24 and the foot cream, if it arrives, retails at £18. The glass file is £12 value so that was a lovely gesture and I can’t complain as customer services have always been helpful and courteous when I’ve emailed them. I just think perhaps this month You Beauty Discovery has been a victim of it’s own success and that the influx of new subscribers recently has overstretched the system somewhat.

As always I’m looking forward with excitement to June’s offering.

What did you chose this month?

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6 thoughts on “You Beauty Discovery – May Review

    • Helen says:

      Not sure! I got a dispatch email yesterday but I’m not home for a few days now. Asked my neighbour to keep an eye out for the courier as he usually leaves parcels on my doorstep when I’m out, which isn’t a problem normally but I don’t want it hanging around on my doorstep for days in case it goes missing! :/

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