What’s In My Handbag

Although I love my beauty products and makeup I travel really light when it comes to my handbag and usually just carry the bare minimum for everyday use.

What are my handbag essentials?


Hand Cream – As hands are one of the first parts of the body to give our age away I try to apply hand cream regularly. I’m using Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream as it’s amazingly moisturising and smells heavenly. This mini one is a handy size and deceptively long lasting for such a small pot. (If you caught my previous post on Burt’s Bees you won’t be surprised to find a couple of their products in my handbag as I love them!)

Cuticle Cream –  I’m really into nail polish and having well maintained nails, so Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is an essential. I carry this around so that if I’m ever travelling in the car or sat around waiting for something I can rub a little in. It’s deeply hydrating and smells so fresh, in fact it reminds me of lemon sherberts. Like all Burts Bees products it is also packed full of natural ingredients and cruelty-free.

Lip Gloss – I wear lip gloss more than lipstick and usually carry round a couple of shiny, fairly neutral ones for that barely-there look. I have two currently in use in my handbag, that also featured in an earlier post: Soap&Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker and a Stila Lip Glaze.

Lip Balm – A lip balm is vital as I hate it when my lips get dry. I love the Burt’s Bees ones as they’re 100% natural and really effective. I’ve been given some of their tinted ones to try which I’m looking forward to reviewing at a later date, but the one I’m using at the moment is the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm in peppermint.

Eye Mist – I wear contact lenses a few times a week, and also have hayfever,  so something to help prevent dry, irritated eyes is a must-have especially in the Summer months. I received Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist to review a month ago (review here) and now it’s become a permanent fixture in my handbag.

Blotting Sheets – I shared my love of blotting sheets back in April; being prone to shine they’re something I always carry these with me. It’s better than having to carry round a bulky powder compact and they help my make-up last longer by mopping up any excess oil.

These are my everyday items, so there’s nothing overly exciting amongst them. If it was a special occasion I may take a few more products with me to freshen up with or reapply during the day. Likewise on a really sunny day I’d usually carry a sun cream and body spray.

What are your handbag staples?

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2 thoughts on “What’s In My Handbag

    • Helen says:

      It came in my Selfridges Beauty Project box, and I thought it was the perfect size for my handbag!

      Or do you mean the Leopard Print bag? That’s a Zatchels bag 🙂

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