Benefit Gimme Brow Review

Well I promised myself I wouldn’t buy Benefit‘s new, much hyped brow product, Gimme Brow, until I had used up my HD Brows palette (review here), but I ended up purchasing one after all. Oh how little will power I have! In my defence however I did use some of my Birchbox points so it wasn’t an entirely guilty purchase,  and with my sparse eyebrows I do require extra help! So what is my verdict?



Gimme Brow is a coloured fibre gel, available in two shades, that you simply brush onto the hair to define and accentuate your natural brow. With it’s wand applicator it is much easier and quicker to apply than using a palette, and it’s also very handy for popping in a handbag due to it’s compact size. Along with adding colour the comb helps to groom and shape the brow, which is also a plus.


The result is a natural looking, softly accentuated brow, however the effect is perhaps a little too subtle for me as I actually prefer my eyebrows to be a little darker than I achieve with a single coat of Gimme Brow. A second coat gives more impact though. I imagine this lighter effect is ideal for those who may have a heavier touch and that worry they will end up with an unnatural looking brow when using an eyebrow pencil or palette.

At £17.50 Gimme Brow is a little bit on the pricey side for such a small product (it’s around half to a third the size of an average mascara), and it lacks the versatility of some of the eyebrow palettes which can be used as eyeshadows and that can produce a stronger, bolder brow. That said, as a stand alone brow product it does the job well and is so simple to use (dare I say it’s even fool-proof). With the help of Gimme Brow Benefit have made getting the perfect brow achievable by everyone.

You can purchase Gimme Brow here. Have you tried this product yet? What’s your go-to product for taming and enhancing your brow?

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7 thoughts on “Benefit Gimme Brow Review

    • Helen says:

      I like it, but it is quite subtle and I was expecting it to make more of a difference to my brows than it does. But I can see how it would be popular because of it’s ease of use and also it’s pretty much impossible to overdo it and make it look unnatural, unlike you can with powders or pencils.

  1. francescaaliciamakeup says:

    The best way to apply Gimme Brow is using the tip of the brush and do short strokes against the hair then go back and groom with the brush horizontally. The fibres in the formula tend to stay at the tip so you get maximum application, you might not need to do a second application with this method x

  2. Simone says:

    I have very sparse blonde eyebrows which are the bane of my life. I thought the light shade would be too dark but I bought one from eBay for £12 brand new and I’ve only had it too days but my god I’m converted! I couldn’t go from no brows to mega brows so this is very subtle and so far I’m pleased! It’s the only Benefit product that’s ever agreed with me!

    • Helen says:

      Glad you’ve found it works well for you 🙂 I know what you mean about not wanting to go too heavy which can happen with the palettes! My brows have never bothered me too much, I kind of saw it as an advantage that I don’t have to pluck more than a couple of hairs, but it’s only really since brows have become big news that I’ve really noticed how sparse they are and how having a nicely defined brow really does make a difference to the rest of your look. I don’t think I’d be without some sort of brow product now!

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