May Empties

Well June is now here and it’s that time of the month when I give you a round-up of all the products I’ve used up and my opinion of them.

I have various use-ups this month, and it’s a mixed bag of products I love and will definitely buy again, and others that I was less keen on. So who are the keepers? And which products will be left on the shelf next time I go shopping?

Clinique Perfectly Real


I enjoyed using this for a number of years but recently haven’t really enjoyed it’s texture or look of it on my skin.  I’ve started using Stila Correct and Perfect which I really like.

Boots Natural Perfection Scrub


I finished this and also a bath soak and shower gel from the same range, but I’m not keen so won’t be repurchasing. The range is cheap and cheerful but not very effective and the scrub has a strange smell and cheap, synthetic formulation. I much prefer Naked Skincare body washes for their 97% natural formulas and Soap & Glory scrubs.

Timotei’s Organic Delights


I quite liked this range of natural hair care (review here), but I’m not sure it’s moisturising enough for the warmer months. I may try the version for dry hair later in the year but for now I have shampoo and conditioners by Tommyguns and Yes To… to try.

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter


I have really dry skin and this is very effective and long lasting. It’s a definite repurchase at some point.

Boots Soltan Suncare Lotion


I nearly always buy Soltan from Boots. It’s 5 Star rated which provides excellent protection and is great value (often on half price or 3 for 2 offers). It’s highly moisturising but not too thick and doesnt leave a white residue. I usually find SPF 15 sufficient for this country but it was also fine when we holidayed in Morocco and Menorca. I dont spend a long time in the sun anyway and always apply my lotion super thickly!

Weleda Calendula Face Cream and Body Lotion


These were actually used on my daughter’s dry, eczema prone skin and have been miracle workers (see this post).  They will be definitely repurchased.  My only wish is that Weleda did a larger, 400ml, version of the body lotion as using it twice daily it is used up quite quickly.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion


I’ve used the 3 Step programme for a while but I’m finding it too basic for my requirements right now. Whilst my skin is ok when I use it,  it doesn’t wow me. I’m also starting to look towards more natural skincare ranges.

And that concludes this month’s use-ups. Scarily I’ve acquired much more stuff this month than I’ve managed to use up but such is the life of a blogging beauty addict…

What have been your favourite use-ups this month?

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