High Street Haul

I’ve been buying a lot of products online recently so haven’t really done a notable high street beauty haul for a while. Having a good mooch around the shops in my town centre yesterday however and a few beauty bargains caught my eye…


Garnier Ultimate Blends – This is currently better than half price in Superdrug and cost me a total of £3.89 for 400ml sizes of the shampoo and conditioner.  People have been raving about this paraben-free range since it launched and I had been wanting to try it. I was torn between the Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter or the Argan & Camellia Oil but I loved the almost chocolately smell of the Coconut & Cocoa Butter so opted for that.


Wella Shockwaves and Silvikrin Hairspray – I needed a new hairspray and these were both in the clearance at Boots. They cost £1.75 and £1.40 which won’t break the bank. I’ve never found a hairspray that has particularly impressed me so for that reason I won’t spend a lot on them and tend to stick with mass market brands.


Mama Naked Bath Foam and Stretch Mark Cream – These are by Naked Bodycare, I brand I like and have blogged about previously. Their Mama Naked products are aimed at Mums To Be, which I hasten to add i’m not, but they will nevertheless be used by me. Again I found these in the clearance as I think Naked Bodycare are streamlining their range and discontinuing some products – I have heard this is due to a lack of retailer support. This is a shame as they’re great, natural products, but a bonus price wise as they only cost me £1.00 and £2.00 respectively.


Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Body Lotion – My little one has sensitive skin and I hate using lotions that are laden with Mineral Oils and Parabens on her. I usually use Weleda, which I’ve found fantastic but a little pricey given the amount we go through, so i’m always on the look out for alternative brands. These Earth Friendly Baby lotions are organic and packed full of natural skin-friendly ingredients. They’re also part of the Lansinoh group who are responsible for the well known Lansinoh nipple cream! I found these on clearance at TK Maxx at £1.00 each so I snapped up all three. In Boots these are still full price at over £5!

Have you found any beauty bargains on your high street recently?

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