Weleda Wild Rose Facial Oil Review

Entering my thirties I decided to step up my skincare routine, thinking in particular about targeting the first signs of aging such as fine lines.

I wanted to try some more of Weleda’s range as I already use their Calendula baby range for my toddler and the Skin Food and Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion for myself so I headed for the website to see what facial skincare they offered.


The Wild Rose range really leapt out at me as I absolutely adore roses – from their scent to even growing them in my garden – and the range also ticked the anti-aging box as it claims to soften fine lines. Perfect!

As I starting point I thought I would try the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Caspules as these would fit nicely into my existing skincare routine and with my current products.

The single-use capsules contain a highly nourishing mix of natural oils, including rosehip seed, almond, jojoba, evening primrose and peach oils
Rosehip seed (Rosa Moschata) oil is renowned for its restorative, intensively nourishing properties and is rich in essential fatty acids and provitamins which smooth the skin and help to restore its natural glow. Combined with the other oils the Wild Rose capsules support skin elasticity, and promote healthy development.


Directions for use
It is recommended you apply the oil in the evening after cleansing, using one capsule per application and massaging in gently. Weleda advise that you slightly dampen your face, neck and décolletage to aid absorption of the oil. If, after a few minutes, you feel there is any excess oil remaining you can remove with a cosmetic tissue. When using the Wild Rose oil application of additional care products is not advised.

For intensive treatment you can one capsule every evening for 4 weeks. However to maintain the skin you need only use the Wild Rose capsules 1 – 2 times per week.


To open each capsule you twist at the narrow part and gently pull, however I found this quite difficult to do (I think I was worried about accidentally squirting the oil everywhere) so next time I will have a pair of nail scissors to hand.


My verdict
Firstly the smell is amazing.  I love using scented products at night because it’s a time, when you’re relaxing and unwinding, that you can lie back, shut your eyes and really appreciate the aroma.

Secondly the texture is so smooth and glides over the skin without dragging. Despite being an oil it feels neither sticky nor heavy. The sensation I get is of the oil slowly sinking in and drip-feeding your skin.


I was surprised by how far the oil went, I only used half a capsule and I felt that sufficiently covered my face, neck and décolletage. Weleda say that any excess oil can be rubbed into your cuticles, which is a great tip. I often tell people that they should rub any excess face cream and serums into their hands rather than washing it off and wasting expensive product!

Post-use my skin feels very soft, supple and hydrated. I genuinely think my skin feels plumper and more radiant. I am really tempted to try more from the range.

Weleda Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules retail at £19.50 for 30 capsules (1 capsule = 0.3ml) and can be bought on the Weleda website as well as selected stockists.

Have you tried any Weleda skincare? Do you use facial oils and if so which ones?

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One thought on “Weleda Wild Rose Facial Oil Review

  1. Alex says:

    Lovely! I’m a huge fan of roses too. I’ve been looking for an oil based treatment and this seems like a better alternative to the Elizabeth Arden capsules. Thanks for the recommendation!

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