Nails of The Day – featuring Nails Inc & China Glaze

This weekend’s manicure features these two polishes – the lovely duck egg blue of Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens paired with a white crackle lacquer from China Glaze called Lightning Bolt.


I got the China Glaze lacquer quite a few months ago but hadn’t got around to using it. I’d never worn a white polish before so I wasn’t really sure what colour it would go with or if it would look like I’d attacked my nails with Tippex, but looking through my pastel Nails Inc polishes I found the perfect pale blue that I thought might work quite well (I was picturing vintage pottery as my inspiration).


Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens is one of their Trend Shades – the inspiration for the pastels colours being ice cream sundaes. It is a fabulous colour and bang on trend however the formula lets it down by being quite streaky; taking two coats and having to apply quite thickly to get decent coverage. Fortunately it does dry quite quickly so at least I wasn’t hanging around for too long in between coats.

Once my base colour was applied I moved on to applying one coat of China Glaze Lightning Bolt over the top. Like all Crackle polishes I’ve used before I had to be quite quick when applying it as the polish started to dry and crack instantly. As I also knew from experience the lacquer dried to a very matte finish so a clear glossy top coat was a must.


I’m guessing Crackle top coats have fallen out of fashion, because I got about 8 different coloured OPI crackle polishes and 4 China Glaze ones from my local Pound Shop! Personally however I quite like them. If you’re pushed for time Crackle Polishes can really make it look like you’ve made an effort with your nails, when in reality they took a matter of minutes. I also think Crackles are great if you’re not happy with the finish of your base colour as the crackled effect distracts the eye away from any streaks or imperfections.

How do you wear white polishes? Have you tried a crackle top coat?

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4 thoughts on “Nails of The Day – featuring Nails Inc & China Glaze

  1. glitterbat says:

    I really like the crackle polishes – will definitely be checking out my local quid shops to see if I can snag some bargain bottles! I used to have the Barry M black crackle, but that’s long gone now, haha…

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