Today’s Manicure – Nails Inc & China Glaze

Thanks to the gardening I did at my local Children’s Centre yesterday, where I singlehandedly planted up three raised beds and 14 containers, Wednesday’s manicure didn’t last very long at all. It’s not that the polish I used isn’t hard wearing, it was literally the fact that I never use gardening gloves, which is a really bad habit as handling compost is very drying to the hands and wrecks havoc on my nails.     


I am going to my cousin’s wedding today and I’ve decided to wear a black lacy dress with turquoise and black snake-print heels. Taking inspiration from the shoes (pictured above), I have chosen to wear Nails Inc Black Taxi on my nails, overlaid with a metallic turquoise crackle polish from China Glaze called Oxidized Aqua.        

Nails Inc Black Taxi

China Glaze Crackle Oxidized Aqua

I am quite pleased with the effect which I think ties in well with the lace of the dress and the snake print on the shoes!

Do you match your nails with your outfit?

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