Mio Skincare’s Big Beach Countdown

In April I blogged about the new range of Mio Skincare aimed specifically at the fitness market. Sadly, re-reading that post I didn’t really achieve the goal I’d set myself of a fitter, healthier lifestyle but I did discover a love of Mio Skincare and the fresh, zingy scents.

Last week I was just browsing the You Beauty Discovery website and saw that they had a new “Big Beach Countdown” Limited Edition Box featuring Mio Skincare. I immediately bagged one because, despite a couple of the extras in the box being of little value to me (I’ll explain that in more detail later), it is still amazing value.

The box contains the following:


Full Size Mio Quick Start Shower Gel (200ml) – The RRP of this is £16 so near enough covers the cost of the box.  I’ve used it before and it really does help kick-start your day with it’s invigorating scent and blend of spearmint and caffeine.

Mio The A Cream (150ml) – With Omegas, antioxidants and vitamins, this light but rich skin strengthening body cream creates a soothing shield to combat dryness and boost elasticity.
I’ve used a smaller sized one of this and was meaning to buy another.  The A Cream normally retails for £25.


Chia Seeds from The Chia Co – Chia is an ancient seed grown and eaten as early as 3500BC by the Mayans and Aztecs as a mega energy food and a prime source of nutrition. I’ve never tried these so i’m really intrigued to see what they’re like and if I feel like they benefit my diet.

Bodyism Clean & Lean sample sachet – This is supposed to be the models secret to fabulous skin. It is a blend of protein, fibre, minerals, greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables, with a deceivingly delicious chocolate flavour to curb any sweet cravings, whilst injecting the body with pure goodness. 

I don’t know what to expect from this but I’m game to give it a try, especially as my skin has been playing up recently. Fingers crossed that this lives up to the hype!


Mio Fit Band – This band has easy exercises printed onto it that are supposed to have an amazing effect on your physique; tightening your tummy and lifting your butt to make you feel more balanced, flexible and toned. As I can no longer get to the gym like I used to anything that makes working out at home easy to do is fine by me!

Mio Exfoliating Glove –  Exfoliating keeps the skin soft and glowing because it buffs the dead skin away, which, in turn, helps to speed up your skins natural renewal process. I’ll probably use this mitt in conjunction with the Quick Start shower gel.

Mio Gym Bag – The box includes a bright orange Mio gym bag. Lightweight it will be perfect for carrying my swim gear to and from the pool.


3-Day Gym Pass for Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing for you and a friend – I doubt I will use this as I don’t think there is a Nuffield gym anywhere near me. If you would get some use out of it, let me know and I can pop it in the post!

Champneys Health Spa treatment offer on their 55 minute Mio treatments – Again this is unfortunately one of the items I’ll be unable to take advantage off as there is no spa anywhere near where I live.

In addition there is a £10 voucher redeemable against any product on the Mio website.

Worth over £100, the Mio “Big Beach Countdown” Limited Edition Box is available at YOU Beauty Discovery and Latest In Beauty for just £16.95 (postage included for members).

Will you be getting one?

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