Caudalie Treats

I really like everything I’ve tried so far from French skincare brand Caudalie so when I had some Birchbox points to use I knew exactly what I was going to spend them on as both the products seem to have taken the beauty world by storm!



Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml (RRP £11.50)
Said to be inspired by the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, Caudalie Beauty Elixir smoothes fine lines, tightens pores, and boosts the skin’s radiance. It can be used as a base for make-up, and when used in the morning revives the skin. Alternatively a quick spritz during the day or before a night out helps to reinvigorate. Caudalie suggest that the Elixir can also be used between your foundation and powder to set your make-up; or for men as a post-shave soother.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir contains grape for its rejuvenating and fabulously nourishing qualities, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint to tighten pores and refresh the skin and rosemary to soothe.

I’ve read some rave reviews of the Beauty Elixir from other bloggers and I agree it is pretty special. After a quick spritz my oily, blemish-prone skin instantly feels fresher and looks more glowing, and dare I say that, after just over a week’s use as a toner, my skin appears more hydrated and my fine lines filled out.

Although available in a 100ml bottle, the 30ml size I bought is perfect as it means you can pop in in your handbag and really utilize it to its full potential. I am however now seriously tempted to invest in the larger bottle for my dressing table, and keep the smaller version for travel!


Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml

Caudalie Divine Oil is an enriching multi-use dry oil for body, face and hair. It has a unique blend of 4 vegetable oils that constitute 60% of the formula. These are rejuvenating and nourishing Grape Oil, restorative Extra Virgin Argan Oil, Extra Virgin Hibiscus Oil which protects the skin against water loss, and Sesame Oil, which is a fantastic emollient. Amongst the other ingredients is Fair Trade Shea Butter known for its intensively moisturising properties.

Divine Oil is perfect for anywhere that requires extra hydration or where you want to enjoy a slight sheen. I’m currently using it on my décolletage, as that is an area prone to aging due to the thin, delicate nature of the skin, and also on my forearms to give them a healthy glow.   

Caudalie Divine Oil has an amazing fragrance created by Perfumer Jacques Cavallier and which consists of rose, grapefruit and pink pepper combined with base notes of cedar, vanilla and white musk. Because the perfume is in an oil I find it stays with me throughout the day and I continue to notice it much more than I would with my usual perfume. In addition it isn’t drying like an alcohol-based perfume is making it perfect for the summer.

I love the packaging of the oil. Its heavy glass bottle, embossed with a grape seed design, shouts quality, whilst its stopper, made of ash wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, is very chic.

As the icing on an already fantastic cake Caudalie Divine Oil is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate & animal products.


Caudalie really appear to be on a roll with their products right now, and it’s definitely a brand to watch. I’m already compiling a wish-list of other products I’d love to try. Have you tried any Caudalie products? Which ones, if any, have you got your eye on?

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