July Birchbox Review

I seem to get more excited and impatient with each month when Birchbox announces Dispatch Day. This month I’d suspected my box had gone AWOL again as it seemed a lot of people had got their boxes by the Wednesday or Thursday and mine was still stuck somewhere at Birchbox HQ according to the tracking. I needn’t have worried however as sometime overnight the tracking updated to show it had been picked up on the Thursday and was on its way!

Finally today (Saturday) I can excitedly declare that July’s Birchbox has just landed on my doorstep and is ready for unboxing!


If you read my Spoiler post here you’ll already know that the theme was Sun, Sea and Sand, and that I was a bit dubious as to how the products fit the theme. Well the theme has grown on me and I am feeling it a bit more. The contents are certainly bright and vibrant, making you want to dive right in and explore them further.


What did Birchbox pick for me this month?

The first item in my box is a 2g mini sized Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube (3.7g, £14) in Bees Knees. I’m really happy to get this coral shade as it seems to be more of a summery colour than the purple I’ve seen in other people’s boxes, though I’m open to try most things so would still have been happy with the purple.


Next up is Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream Mediterranean Sea (75ml, £8.50) in a generous 30ml travel size. This is a brand i’m unfamiliar with and it’s always good to discover something new (for me that’s the point of beauty boxes) so this gets the thumbs up on that basis. I use hand cream almost religiously so it’s a great item, although I do have quite a large stash so it may be a while till I use this. With the name Mediterranean Sea this is also an obvious choice for the box theme.


The third item, and one which causes me to groan slightly is a 7.5ml mini version of Benefit POREfessional (22ml, £24.50). Don’t get me wrong, I do like Pore-fessional, but much as I love Benefit it’s a brand that is everywhere currently. Added to that I already have the full size of this and two samples, so personally I would have preferred a different item – perhaps the Whish Body Lotion or Weleda products I’ve seen in other people’s boxes. Still Benefit is always a popular brand and I know many people will be happy to see it!


The next product is one everyone gets to try this month; Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (15ml, £20). That’s okay by me as I like Balance Me – a quality yet fairly affordable brand, who’s formulas are packed full of natural, organic ingredients. At 7ml this is a decent sized sample too and will last quite a while.


The fifth item is a 40ml sample of Gilchrist & Soames English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath (236ml, £11.25). I like Gilchrist & Soames but I don’t find their inclusion in a beauty box amazingly exciting because I’ve come across them in hotels before. It’s still a nice item though and one which will get used. It also fits the theme well.


For my final “Lifestyle Extra” item I have Vita Coco Lemonade (£2.29). Coconut oil and water are big news in the beauty world and I’ve been wanting to try this Coconut Water before so i’m glad this was my lifestyle extra! Again this goes well with the holiday vibe this box is aiming for.


Once again it’s a great Birchbox and fortunately, bar a couple of items, I think the theme of Sun, Sea and Sand translates into the box fairly well. Overall i’m pleased with the Birchbox experience and will be continuing my subscription. The only downside is the dispatch process which seems laborious and feels rather unfair because some subscribers get theirs days in advance of others! I know that’s just a symptom of having a large customer base and that staggering dispatch is probably the only feasible way they can do it, but it can be disappointing and I wish they could find a way around it.

The Birchbox boxes are always put together really well and the experience they provide is so slick. I’m hugely excited for August’s box and if they carry on as they have been doing I know I won’t be disappointed! We already have a spoiler for the forthcoming box by way of a little card picturing a cute cosmetic bag that will feature in the box – fab!


If you like what you see and would like to get your own little box of summertime goodies you can subscribe to Birchbox using my referral link here and as a thank you we both get 50 points to spend in the Birchbox shop! Using promo code NEW14 when you checkout will get you free p&p on your first box,  or JULYSCARF will get you a free and exclusive scarf. Alternatively fans of Benefit can get a sample sized They’re Real Mascara and Push-up Liner when you subscribe using code BENEFITX2!

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Are you a Birchbox subscriber? If so what did your box contain?

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12 thoughts on “July Birchbox Review

  1. Simone says:

    I hated this month’s box which I guess goes to show it’s “horses for courses”. I think the hand cream smells awful (I’ve just had to wash it off) and I don’t have a bath so that whole products is wasted on me (plus I think it looks like something you’d get free in a hotel room). The shampoo sample I got from Weleda is “meh” as I don’t like that brand (I know, I know, everyone else seems to love it!) and the lip colour is horrendous on my paler than pale skin which I knew it would be before I even tried it. So in short I will use the breath spray I got (lifestyle extra) and the eye cream. I guess they couldn’t please me three months in a row huh!?
    Sorry for the whine, I’m, just really disappointed! Don’t know if I can even be bothered to blog about it!

    • Helen says:

      Oh that’s disappointing but I guess it’s the risk with subscription boxes. The trouble is the profile is really non-specific and asks pretty vague questions, so it’s hard to avoid products you dislike or can’t use. Luckily I guess I’m quite happy to try a lot of different stuff and there isn’t really much I don’t / can’t use or would be allergic too.

  2. Jess says:

    Really nice box – I was really happy with mine! I think you have the right attitude about trying new things out, I also see it as (primarily) a discovery service, a chance to try out new products, techniques and brands. If I wanted to guarantee products I’d sign up to a different box.

    • Helen says:

      This is true. I’ve tried lots of different things since subbing to beauty boxes; often they’re colours or items I wouldn’t ordinarily choose myself but I usually find that I’m pleasantly surprised and like a product much more than I expected 🙂

  3. - L x says:

    Hey – I absolutely loved the box this month but I definitely know what you mean about porefessional – don’t get me wrong I love the product and use it on a daily basis but I have LOADS of it – it seems to be available as a sample everywhere!! So excited for the little make up bag next month – I’m guessing this will be the lifestyle extra? Much better than the flipflop last month – tssk!
    Anyway – check out my review of this months Birchbox here: http://dystopianremedy.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Belinda Blakeley says:

    Overall I liked the box but didn’t enjoy the Lemonade and coconut drink lol. My box was slightly different. Had a very nice shower gel sample from waleda which Im going to purchase at some stage. And I was pleasantly surprised with the coral lipstick as I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it was. Got a mascara from Benefit too. Im very new to their products, I was sold with last months Pore Professional cream, never quiet used anything like that before lol. Thanks for the reviews. 🙂

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