Battle of The Bronzers

As someone who is naturally fair-skinned and who wears an SPF of at least 15 on my face year-round I rely on a bronzer to get a sunkissed glow. Today I will compare three bronzers from my makeup stash, including a cult American classic, one from a large Australian brand and one from a popular, new British brand.



My first bronzer is the bestselling Hoola by Benefit, which for 5 years has been Britain’s most popular bronzer. As you’d expect from Benefit, Hoola is beautifully packaged but containing 8g of product it is the smallest of the 3 bronzers. It has a matte finish, so is perfect if you don’t want a sheen, and it gives a subtle bronzed colour to the skin. You can build up the colour if preferred and the chiselled brush is great for contouring or just brushing across the forehead, cheeks and nose for a natural sunkissed look. With its easy to blend formula combined with its good looks it’s not difficult to see how this bronzer has achieved cult status. At £23.50 it is rather pricy but it is oh so pretty!



Next up is a bronzer from Australian brand ModelCo, called Glow Baby Glow. This is the largest of the bronzers with a massive 45g of product, which is great as you can be more generous and use it on your décolletage and shoulders,  although it is much less handbag friendly than smaller bronzers. The large mirror in the lid is very practical for makeup application, as you can pretty much see your whole face. The bronzer has a subtle shimmer which I think really lifts the colour and creates a lovely glow. Like Hoola it isn’t too heavy so you don’t get that tell-tale tangoed look. This bronzer is sold as a kit with two lip glosses and retails at £35, which is a good price for the quantity and considering you get two lip glosses thrown in.



The final bronzer and one I most recently bought is from Makeup Revolution’s new sister-brand I ♡ Makeup. This triple-baked bronzer called Summer Of Love is the cheapest by far at £4.99 but doesn’t skimp on product (10g) or quality. In fact in my swatches you can see it is has the most colour payoff of the 3 bronzers. Unlike the other bronzers this one has a pinky base, which means you can avoid the obvious orange or muddy look you sometimes get with some bronzers. It has the most sheen of the three bronzers and is great used as a highlighter. The packaging is very cute and sturdy with a quality that belies its small pricetag.

The Swatches – I really struggled to get decent swatches of the bronzers and I apologise that they are very subtle.

From left to right: Hoola, Glow Baby Glow, Summer Of Love.

I like all three bronzers so it really is a tough one to call. I feel Hoola is a little bit flat for my liking and I am a fan of the glow that the slight shimmer lends to the ModelCo formula. I also find Summer Of Love slightly on the pink side for a bronzer. That said its colour payoff is great and the price, which is a fraction of the other bronzers, cannot be overlooked. And so, pushed for a verdict, I would probably favour the ModelCo Glow Baby Glow, but this natural pale-face isn’t giving any of her bronzers up!

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3 thoughts on “Battle of The Bronzers

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Those are all gorgeous! I am fair skinned too and love bronzers! My favorites are Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, NYX Matte Bronzer, and Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer in Sunshine 🙂

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