My Week – Here Comes The Sun!

As it seems to have become a regular feature my post today is a little sneak peek at what I’ve been up to with my family this week, as well a summary of the week’s posts.

Monday was a busy day with a meeting in the morning, followed by Playgroup in the afternoon. We barely had time to cram down some cheese on toast for lunch in between. I managed to sit down that evening with a glass of coconut water and finally finish writing about the art project I’d participated in and which had ended last week.


It was my little one’s last morning at nursery before the summer holidays on Tuesday. While she was there I tried the Caudalie Divine Legs that Birchbox had kindly sent me for review. It was a really hot afternoon so we did very little and stayed indoors where it was cool. I didn’t post a blog today – Tuesday seems to have become my No-Blog day.

On Wednesday morning I published a blog about coconut oil based products. That afternoon I walked into town and got a few Montagne Jeunesse Masks from Poundworld.  I also looked in Superdrug and Boots but although a few things tried to tempt me nothing really stood out enough to make me part with my hard earned cash. Ours is a small Boots so no premium makeup counters to browse which is disappointing although fortunate for my wallet! When I got home my fantastic Hip&Healthy Box from Latest in Beauty awaited me.


Thursday was another scorcher. I had a meeting about the playgroup I volunteer at (which I actually forgot I had until someone texted to ask where I was – oops!) then met up with a friend and her little boy in a local park for a picnic. There’s a Victorian boating lake, playground, sandpit, paddling pool and miniature railway so it’s a fantastic place for the little ones. For a treat when my husband got in from work we went to Wetherspoons for tea – a curry and a pint of Wobbly Bob rounded the day off nicely.


On a Friday morning I’d usually be rushing round getting ready for the nursery run but as it’s the holidays it was a welcome change of pace and we had a leisurely morning until my husband got home at midday. We then went out for lunch and did a spot of gardening at the Children’s Centre. This may have been a slight error of judgement as it was far too hot for gardening and I ended up having to retire to bed that afternoon for a snooze!

On Saturday we were back in the park, but this time with my in-laws. The kids had a paddle then went on the miniature railway. My husband then had the honours of rowing them all round the lake in the 27 degree heat! When we got home we finished putting together our little one’s toddler bed (she’s finally graduated from her cot) and rounded off a great day watching the film Hotel Budapest.


I’m not sure C had the best night’s sleep in her new bed as when we went into her room on Sunday morning she was cuddled up on the floor with her toys; Malcolm the monkey and Doggy! The weather had turned a lot cooler and C seemed tired and grumpy so other than a big supermarket shop we didn’t do much. I treated my hair to a much needed hair mask from Silk + Honey (review here) and cooked a paella for tea.


And that concludes my busy week! What did you get up to? I’d love to hear how you have been enjoying the lovely weather we’re having!

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