Sunday Summary

This week has been very tiring and I really struggled to get going.  The weather took a turn for the worst and I don’t think that helped but also C seems to be going through a phase where she’s both stubborn and ignores me, yet is very demanding my attention! If I hear the words “I want” again I think I’ll scream. But enough of the joys of bringing up a three year old and on to what I’ve been doing this week…


Monday was a good mail day! I got some lovely Blogger’s Mail in the form of these beauties from Nougat Naturals (expect them to feature in a post very soon) and I also got a sample of Benefit’s Instant Comeback serum. I’d forgotten I’d even applied for the serum so that was a nice surprise. It was a fairly uneventful day which I rounded off with a face mask and long awaited manicure.


I was very naughty on Tuesday and had a chippy dinner. For those who are unfamiliar with the item pictured on the right it is known in Burnley as a Fish Scone, or in Sheffield as a Fishcake, which is basically fish sandwiched between two thick slices of potato, then battered.  No doubt incredibly unhealthy but trust me it tastes amazing! Other than walking to the Chip Shop didn’t go anywhere as the weather was awful.


The rain abated on Wednesday fortunately, which was just as well as we had a nature trail planned with the Children’s Centre. All the children loved it and were tired out by the end. C fell asleep on the way home so I got a rare half hour of peace when I got home! My nail lacquer order from So Susan arrived too.

On Thursday I published my July Empties post and went round to my friend’s house, where we had a good catch up while the kids ran around. That night I stayed up till past midnight trying to get my order in for the latest You Beauty Discovery box, which sounds sad but some stuff always sells out super quick. As always the site was in meltdown but I finally got my selection in after 40 minutes.


Friday was laundry day and I was eager to wash my bedding so I could try the new laundry booster I’d been sent from Super Savvy Me. No sooner had I hung the washing out the heavens opened so I ended up having to take it all back inside. I also got some more Blogger Mail in the form of a new skincare line Facacia, which I was asked to review before it launched.

We decided to take C to the Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum on Saturday; if you’re interested in vintage buses, fire engines, haulage vehicles and the like it is well worth a visit. Afterwards we had a huge pub lunch which was so filling that I didn’t bother cooking anything for tea! I also wrote a blog post promoting the Birchbox Manithon in aid of CoppaFeel (a breast cancer awareness charity) which takes place later on this month. If you live anywhere near London check it out!


This morning – Sunday – we went to the Clitheroe car boot sale. We’ve not been to this particular one for about 12 months but it’s good when the weather is dodgy as there are stalls inside as well as out. As per usual we came home with something for the little one – this time a Playmobil pirate ship. I collected Playmobil when I was little so C has inherited my collection plus anything we manage to pick up on sale or at carboots and charity shops. An early night is hopefully on the cards tonight as we stayed up late last night watching The Inbetweeners film and consequently I have been tired and grumpy all day!

What have you been up to this week?

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