Hello Dream Dots – Goodbye Spots!

A few weeks ago a lovely Irish company on Twitter noticed I was suffering with breakouts and offered to send me their product, Dream Dots*, for review. I’ve never particularly had much trouble with bad skin but every now and then, particularly around that time of the month I get spots, so still searching for that illusive miracle product I was happy to accept their kind offer!



If I’m completely honest I was a little dubious; I’ve tried so many spot treatments with varying success and many can be quite unpleasant, making the spot sting and drying out the surrounding skin. Dream Dots on the contrary are very gentle and i’m pleased to report really do work!

The Dream Dots resemble the sort of plasters you put over blisters to cushion them, and they work via patented gel matrix technology which absorbs any moisture from the spot, calming the skin and promoting healing. The patches, which are clear when first applied, turn white (as shown in the picture below) as the treatment works. They adhere to the skin firmly but aren’t difficult to remove.

Extreme close-up, sorry!

The day after use I noticed the spots I’d treated using the Dream Dots were a lot less angry looking, and the redness and irritation had gone completely down overnight. Although larger spots may require further treatment, mine cleared up after just one.

If you tend to be a picker like me (which I hasten to add is very bad for your skin; causing scarring and spreading bacteria) then Dream Dots are also perfect as they create a barrier and prevent you from touching your spots.

You can purchase Dream Dots on their website at €14.95 (inc. p&p) for a pack of 24, and they ship worldwide. If you live in Ireland you can also pick them up from Pharmacists nationwide.

Dream Dots are a really friendly company, always interacting with their followers on Twitter and willing to share advice. If you are prone to spots and are looking for a gentle, effective solution I whole-heartedly recommend you check them out!

*PR Sample

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