My Week – What Happened To Summer?

So we come to the end of another week. The weather where I am has been fairly miserable for the second week now and I’m starting to wonder if we’ve had our summer. It has been a fairly uneventful week really – the wet weather not only making it difficult to get out and about but also really dampening my spirit! There have been some highlights however – including some lovely treats in the post, bargain beauty purchases, and a catch up with a friend. Read on to see how my week panned out…

On Monday I was surprised to find my Birchbox on my doorstep – I was home but the courier hadn’t knocked and I’d only just had the dispatch email – it was another good box,  although perhaps less exciting than last month. I was also eagerly awaiting my first Memebox, which was out for delivery, but unfortunately the courier tried to deliver in the only 3 hour slot that I wasn’t home. Consequently I had to rearrange delivery for Tuesday which wasn’t a major issue as I had no plans and the weather wasn’t up to much either.


As well as my amazing Memebox arriving on Tuesday I also took delivery of a Rodial haul and a bag I’d purchased from the Abercrombie & Fitch sale last month. It is nice and I love to colour but I definitely wouldn’t have paid the full price! Because I had to stay in for my deliveries I finally got round to painting the shelves in my wardrobe, where I house the majority of my beauty stash, and had a little sort out.


On Wednesday I took C to the Children’s Centre where there was an activity session; she really enjoyed herself. I also had some lovely Blogger’s Mail in the shape of some He/Shi tanning products which I intend to feature in a post in the coming weeks. With the summer seemingly on a hiatus fake tan is a must right now!

Thursday was a quiet day – the weather pretty awful and I even resorted to putting the heating and a jumper on. I published my review of Garnier Ultimate Blends, which I’ve been using for the last fortnight. We nipped out for tea at Wetherspoons as I really didn’t feel up to cooking then after putting C to bed I swiftly went downhill; feeling quite poorly and shivery. An early night with a hot water bottle was on the cards.

I had a lovely, much needed lie-in till 8 AM on Friday and felt a lot better. When my husband finished work we drove to Homebase where I’d reserved some acrylic storage draws for my makeup. It only took me around a month but I finally got round to reviewing the Argan Dew hair treatments I’d been road testing – Argan Oil is one of my beauty must-haves and I love products that feature it.


It was National Honey Bee Day on Saturday so in a change to my usual beauty focused posts I wrote a piece on how you can help reverse the decline in our bee population. We also went to Preston to catch up with a friend – a few beers were enjoyed plus a bit of beauty shopping. I picked up three Balance Me body washes at a ridiculously knock-down price (they are changing the bottles so the old stock is being sold off), some Sleek palettes that were in the Superdrug bargain bin (there was nothing wrong with them other than the outer cardboard packaging was missing) and a free sample of Origins Plantscriptions Serum that launches in September.


And finally we come to Sunday, which has been a bit of a write-off both weather wise and the fact that I had a band concert from 2 – 5pm. We did a big food shop in the morning (note to self – must start shopping online again to save time and my sanity), then we rushed home and had lunch before heading out to the club where our band was playing. My husband has some work to do this evening so he is on his laptop whilst I watch rubbish on the TV. Thank goodness for blogging!

I’ve not got any plans for the coming week, I guess it all depends on the weather. We live right next to some lovely countryside so i’m hoping the weather improves so we can venture a bit further afield or even just do some weeding and pruning in our garden, which has been sorely neglected of late!

What have been your highlights this week? Have you got any plans for the week ahead?

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