Long Lost Products

Companies can get a lot of flack when they discontinue a favourite product. There is nothing worse finding a formula that really works for you only for it to be changed or, even worse, pulled completely. There are a few products I have lost over the years and that have been notable because no “replacement” was ever as good. Read on and i’ll introduce you to four products I wish were still with us.


Firstly we have the best hand cream I’ve ever used (this comes from someone who loves handcream and has tried lots so that’s a fairly good accolade). Even though I was only in my twenties when I began using Clinique Stop Signs Hand Repair I noticed a vast difference after using this cream. The crepey, loose skin on the back of my hands (inherited from my mum’s side) felt so much firmer and the elasticity improved. Better still was its versatility as it doubled up as a really good décolleté cream. It was pricy but when something works like nothing else you don’t mind! None of Clinique’s replacements have ever hit the mark in the way Stop Signs did.

On to another Clinique Product, this time from their Pore Refining range which at the time used to be huge. The Thermal Active Skin Refiner was a big launch when it came out – a unique product; I liked the small, exfoliating particles and the way it heated up to open your pores and deep cleanse – but its time was short and the range was streamlined severely. A lot of good products disappeared from that range if my memory serves me right.

Benefit are a company that does a good launch and recently have been pulling out the stops for the They’re Real Eyeliner, but for me it has always been about their now discontinued Badgal Liquid Liner. Easy to use and with intense colour, you could really achieve a strong, perfect line with Badgal. They’re Real is hailed as their best liner yet but I’ve heard some pretty dire reviews. Sometimes less is more and I wish companies would remember that in their rush for innovation and to stand out from their competitors.

Finally, there are numerous products that promise to reduce shine and I own quite a few but one I really liked was Nip + Fab Shine Fix,  which sadly has gone by the wayside. I liked the fact that Shine Fix wasn’t full of silicones like some of its competitors so it felt really light, and it contained natural botanticals that helped to minimise oil production and had antiseptic properties.

Naturally companies are always researching new products or perfecting old formulations, and lines that aren’t selling as well are often sacrificed to make way for exciting new launches. I’m sure this is not a decision they take lightly, but you can guarantee that someone, somewhere will be unhappy to find their favourite product is no longer stocked.

Are there any products you wish would make a comeback?

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8 thoughts on “Long Lost Products

  1. Tracey says:

    The body shop did a rice bran scrub years ago. It was brilliant, very effective and moisturising. No fancy smell or fancy colour, just really did the job. None of their other scrubs match.

    • Helen says:

      You’ve just reminded me of a milk bath that the body shop did years ago – kind of like a cloth bag full of an oaty mixture that you added to your bath – it was really good for very dry skin and was so soothing!

      • Charlotte says:

        I’ve been taking oat baths for years as an eczema sufferer. By far the cheapest option (and most natural, I guess) is tying up a fistful of oats in a handkerchief and just chucking that in the bath, fresh each time ofc. You could also use the oat pouch in the shower I guess, as it’s super smooth and feels quite pleasant, though I don’t know if not soaking in a tub of it would reduce efficacy. The

  2. Zoe. says:

    Helen – try Lush Ceriden’s Cauldron (the Milk Bath was actually made by one of the founders of Lush – Constantine and Weir ) it’s not the same but has oats, essential oils and cocoa butter in the muslin cloth , so really gentle and soothing and the oats form a mucilage in the muslin cloth – oat milk is a really traditional skin soother ).

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