Supporting Local Initiatives – Cropshare

In a break from beauty products I thought I’d talk about something close to my heart. That is supporting local groups and initiatives.

Now as you may have gathered I love beauty boxes and the ease of having things delivered to your door.  Well along a similar vain, whilst trying to eat healthier, I decided that getting a weekly vegetable delivery would be a good way of getting more fresh vegetables into my diet and perhaps eating things I wouldn’t normally think of putting into my shopping trolley (kohlrabi?!). 

I first explored national companies and whilst they have lovely websites and marketing emails, with tempting free offers, the minimum price was over £12, which far exceeded the amount we’d normally spend.


Then I found Burnley Cropshare, an initiative that supplies weekly veg bags to local people. The scheme is committed to the sustainable, local production of good food and is based on principles, not profit. All profits made are re-invested to support the production of sustainable food locally.

A small Cropshare bag is £6 per week (a larger one is £10) which is less than half the price larger internet-based companies are charging for a similar sized box, and the best thing is the vegetables are grown locally, thereby supporting local jobs and reducing the carbon footprint, and a fair price is paid to the growers for their produce.

The produce is either Soil Association Approved, Certified Organic or accredited by the Climate Friendly Food
and, with the exception of a few bits grown in greenhouses, most things supplied are seasonal. This sometimes limits what produce is available at certain times but if needs be I just supplement when I go shopping and it also means that on occasion you get a glut of a particular vegetable. We once had beetroot for around 3 weeks on the trot and – not being a fan of beetroot – I ended up getting creative and baking it into beetroot brownies!


Unlike the big name Veg Box suppliers Cropshare vegetables aren’t delivered straight to my door, and I do have to go to a local collection point, but that isn’t an issue for me. There are several collection points in my town so I just chose the nearest, but the scheme would be willing to serve new collection points (individual houses, offices, shops, community centres, even pubs) as long as 5 or more people order bags to collect from there so there is an option to partner up with neighbours or colleagues.

If you are tempted to subscribe to a veg box, please look into whether your town or city offers a Cropshare scheme. It is a scheme I know runs elsewhere and it’s so rewarding to know that you are putting back into the local community. 

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