Memebox Luckybox #9

The perfect end to my weekend away was returning home to a familiar looking, bright pink jiffy bag containing my latest Memebox delivery – Luckybox #9!


Luckyboxes are a “best of” and contain a selection of the most popular items from previous boxes. They really showcase what Memebox is about. Priced at $23 (approx £13.80) they are one of the best ways to discover Memebox. Join me as I guide you through what was inside the latest Luckybox.

Y.E.T. Don’t Worry Mask Sheet – Snow White Mask (23ml, $1)
The first item I noticed upon opening my Luckybox was this supercute sheet mask. Each box contained one of 10 masks, catering to specific beauty needs. I received a whitening one which is packed full of natural extracts including licorice, argan oil, chamillia, grape seed oil, propolis and evening primrose. I’ve never used a sheet mask but I know they are popular amongst Memebox fans and they recently had a whole box dedicated to them!


Bocians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot (15ml, RRP $24) According to Memebox, this spot treatment is enriched with various fermented extracts and hyaluronic acid, that work to brighten the skin and increase its elasticity. As a targeted spot treatment, it has to be applied directly to the treatment area, rather than all over as you would a moisturiser.


The Skin House Pore Control Powder Serum (50ml, RRP $28) This pore control powder serum works to immediately tighten and minimise enlarged pores for a smoother skin texture. It also helps to correct oil/moisture imbalance in the skin, mattifying the skin and preventing dehydration. My oil-prone skin needs all the help it can get so this sounds perfect.


i belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser (70g, RRP $24) Mixing a small amount with water, this cleanser contains vitamins which burst onto the skin and granol particles and papaine enzymes that softly yet throughly remove dead skin and impurities. Macadamia oil and olive oil are also included to deliver deep hydration. I’d read about powder cleansers in the June issue of Marie Claire so was excited that one was included in this selection and the packaging is super-lux!


By Nature Spray Essence Water (140ml, full sized, rrp $35) Used after cleansing, a quick spritz of this essence water will instantly nourish the skin. Enriched with celtic water, whistler glacial mineral water and nourishing vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, it is also free of mineral oil, paraben, and sythetic colour and perfume.


Awesome Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser & Aqua Power Gel Cream (sample sachets) Both products are made from Canadian glaciers rich minerals. The foam from the cleanser reaches down into the pores while the gel cream delivers oil free moisture. These are the only samples in the box – impressive!


The value of this box is a whopping $112 (excluding the samples) which is fantastic considering it cost only $23, and five of the items are full size – something you rarely see in UK boxes. I’m really happy with all the items, in particular the Powder Cleanser and Serum, and the box definitely impresses with its variety of product.

Luckyboxes are perfect for newbies or simply if you’re struggling to choose from the variety of boxes available. The Luckybox #9 is now sold out but you can still order Luckybox #10 here.

All of the Memeboxes are shipped directly from Korea which does mean regular shipping can take 15 – 25 business days (express shipping options are available at an additional charge and take 3 – 7 business days), you can rest assured however that the $6.99 shipping is all you will pay – no huge customs charges or taxes are whacked on afterwards! Unlike a subscription based box service there is no ongoing commitment with Memebox;  you can buy as few or as many boxes as you like. Explore the full range here.

If you fancy taking the plunge and discovering some of Korea’s best kept beauty secrets there are a number of promo codes currently available:
For $5 off on entire order when purchasing over 3 Memeboxes use MEMEBUNDLE3
For $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes use MEMEBUNDLE4
Or for Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop use FREESHIPPING

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3 thoughts on “Memebox Luckybox #9

    • Helen says:

      I’m not sure what to expect from the whitening products – I don’t have any discolouration or age spots but maybe they’ll help with general brightness. What do you think?

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