My Week – Back To Normality

After our little weekend away it was back to relative normality this week. Because we’d barely been home last week there was plenty of housework to catch up on and my blog had been somewhat neglected, so I managed to get on top of that; taking plenty of photos and preparing some draft posts. It makes it so easier knowing I have some posts part-ready as a back up and that just require filling out or a few tweaks before publication. They always come in handy when you’re busy or find that you’re lacking inspiration.

My husband was still off work on Monday and after lunch we headed back down the M55 towards home after our weekend in Blackpool. I had a tonne of washing to do but the weather was nice so at least I could get it all dried. It was good to be home, particularly as my Memebox Luckybox #9 was waiting for me at the postal depot, as well as a delivery of Our Tiny Bees Über Balm (watch out for a forthcoming review).


On Tuesday my husband went back to work. I’m always torn as naturally I love him being on holiday and free to do things with us (although he brings plenty of work home with him) but it’s always quite nice to get back into a routine and especially have a little more time to blog – so I managed to sit down to get my August Empties post finished and uploaded. My latest subscription box also arrived – Pink Parcel – but I’ll tell you more about that in a review next week.

It was supposed to be my band practice on Wednesday evening but my lift didn’t turn up so I had a bonus night off. I think my husband was a bit gutted as he always watches one of his Sci-Fi or Marvel films when I’m out so he had to settle for the Great British Bake Off instead! As a treat we munched the tortilla chips from our Degustabox.


On Thursday I tried my sample of Bare Minerals Bareskin Foundation that had arrived the day before. I’d been looking forward to trying this, but I was disappointed to find it didnt really suit my skin type. I also had a meeting that morning so Caitlyn got to play in creche for a couple of hours whilst I was there. We came home and I tidied up the house as our friends were coming to stay for a night so the guestroom (which ordinarily becomes a dumping ground for laundry and things that don’t have a proper home) needed sorting.

C is starting nursery school in two weeks time so her new teacher visited us on Friday morning, she’s lovely and i’m sure C will really enjoy nursery. It was a sunny day so after she’d left I ventured into the garden and decided to demolish a small wall that was serving no particular purpose. Whilst I was busy with the sledgehammer the Yodel Courier had stealthily left my You Beauty Discovery box by the front door which was a pleasant find! Our friends arrived in the afternoon and we went to the Burnley Beer Festival for a few beers before coming back and rounding off the evening with a good curry. Birchbox revealed their September Spoiler on Friday too and it looks like we’re in for a good box!


We drove out to Hebden Bridge on Saturday for a nice lunch out then parted company with our friends, who had to drive back to Huddersfield.  We just went home as the weather was awful and downloaded some Warner Bros Loony Tunes cartoons for the little one to watch, which randomly, and much to our amusement, included one called The Ducktator!

To round of a busy weekend my in-laws visited on Sunday so we were treated to a nice carvery. I was playing in a band concert for Padiham’s annual Party in The Park later in the day, but there were plenty of attractions to keep the little one entertained. The sun was beating down so everyone had a great time.


This forthcoming week I need to finish the dreaded back to school shop – I’m trying not to think about the fact I’ve left it quite late and there will probably be no jumpers left in C’s size! What have you got planned for the week ahead?

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