Pink Parcel – August Unboxing

Today’s blog post talks about an issue most of us ladies of a certain age deal with – our periods. The majority of women breeze through that time of the month with only mild discomfort and inconvenience, but women with conditions such as PCOS or Endometriosis will more than likely feel very poorly and severely restricted due to pain and heavy flow.

About five years ago my periods became unbearable to the extent where, for around two weeks out of four, I felt very tired, nauseous and in terrible pain. This pain and lethergy really began to effect both my work and personal life; resulting in numerous sick days and missing special events. After several GP appointments and a referral to the hospital I had a scan where I was told I had scar tissue (adhesions) that was fusing my internal organs together causing cramping and discomfort. Surgery removed the adhesions, whilst exercise and weightloss also dealt with my symptoms, and I’ve been pain free now for over 4 years. In between I also had a baby and breastfed full term, which meant that my periods didn’t return for 12 months after giving birth! Hooray!

The downside to that is i’ve never got back into keeping track of my cycle and always end up running out of sanitary products! And that’s where Pink Parcel comes in; ensuring that for £9.95 per month (the first month is £5.95) you get an adequate supply of tampons so you’re never caught short, plus some additional goodies to make that time of the month more bearable.


You get 25 tampons in your box as standard; choosing the brand and which flow type you need as well as when you require your box sending (if 25 isn’t enough for your cycle you can let Pink Parcel know and they will make arrangements for you). The tampons come with a cute black pouch to keep in your bag.

In addition to the boring but necessary sanitary products Pink Parcel include a few treats to make that time of the month a little more bearable. The August box contained the following;


Bio Oil Purcellin Oil 60ml (RRP £8.99)
I’ve used Bio Oil before and it has a lovely light and non-greasy formula. Bio Oil claims to reduce the appearance and fight against scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. I’m lucky enough that I only have a couple of very pale stretch marks on my thighs and gained none during my pregnancy 3 years ago, but nonetheless this will be useful to see if it brings about any improvement.

ROC Soleil Protexion+ Quenching Fluid 50ml (RRP £15.95)
Containing SPF 50+ to protect your skin from sun damage this facial sunblock is an extremely useful product for the summer months. It is suitable for normal-combination skin, so is perfect for my skin type.

ROC Soleil Protexion+ Lipstick (RRP £5.95)
I have lots of lip balms as I’m slightly addicted to them, however I’m not sure any contain an SPF! This twist-up lip balm has SPF30 to protect as well as moisturise. It can also be used on other sunburn prone areas of your face for added protection – I’m thinking it would be useful for the ears which are easily overlooked when applying sunblock yet can readily catch the sun!

Binky London Nail Polish in Bright Pink (RRP £5.95)
This hot pink shade is from a brand that is fairly unfamilar to me. Its gorgeous and perfect for summer.

Teapigs Peppermint Tea x 1 Temple
(RRP x 2 £1.30)
Peppermint tea is renowned for easing bloating and settling the stomach so if you suffer from pain and bloating during your period this is the ideal choice.

Doisy & Dam Organic Dark Chocolate
(Sample size, full size RRP £3.50)
This Goji & Orange infused dark chocolate sounds perfect. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidents so is the better choice when you have a sweet craving. In addition chocolate help release natural endorphins to give you an extra boost.

Until recently Pink Parcel have only offered Tampons, but from September onwards they will also be offering sanitary towels as well.

Even though I’ve been pain free for quite a while now I know how horrible chronic period pain can be and I guess I’m always fearful that the pain could return. Of course, Pink Parcel can’t make an existing condition go away, but if someone can make that time of the month more convenient and give me something to look forward to as well then I salute them. Thanks Pink Parcel!

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8 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – August Unboxing

    • Helen says:

      Glad to hear – have you been subbed a while? I’m looking forward to the September box although it won’t arrive till later in the month due to my cycle 😦

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